Heritage Luxury Accessories Holiday Auction – Hermes Highlights

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    Hi tPFers!

    My name is Rachel and I work at Heritage Auctions in the Luxury Accessories Category. In advance of our December Holiday Auction, I wanted to share pictures of my top ten Hermes lots and answer any questions that you may have regarding the auction process. I look forward to getting to know you!

    Click images to enlarge!

    Hermes 23cm Shiny Black Nilo Crocodile Medor Clutch with Gold Hardware
    Pristine Condition - 9" Width x 5" Height x 1.5" Depth - More info

    Hermes 25cm Rouge Vif Swift Leather Sellier Kelly Bag with Gold Guilloche Hardware
    Very Good to Excellent Condition - 9.5" Width x 7" Height x 3.5" Depth - More Info

    The most spectacular part of this bag is not the color or the size, it's the hardware. Bright gold hardware is the perfect complement to this bag, but this gold hardware is done in Guilloche. This amazing pattern on the hardware is very rare and makes this Kelly truly stand out.

    Hermes 18cm Gris Fonce Lizard Constance Bag with Gold Hardware
    Very Good to Excellent Condition - 7" Width x 6" Height x 2" Depth - More Info

    Hermes 25cm Violine Ostrich Birkin Bag with Palladium Hardware
    Excellent Condition - 9.5" Width x 8" Height x 5" Depth - More Info

    Hermes Limited Edition 36cm Barenia Leather & Wicker Picnic Kelly Bag with Palladium Hardware
    Pristine Condition - 14" Width x 10" Height x 5" Depth - More Info

    Hermes 35cm Shiny Miel Porosus Crocodile Birkin Bag with Gold Hardware
    Pristine Condition - 14" Width x 10" Height x 7" Depth - More Info

    Hermes One-of-a-Kind Silk Runway Bag with Gold Hardware
    Excellent Condition - 7" Width x 8" Height x 4" Depth - More Info

    The body of the bag is created from Annie Faivre's "Art des Steppes," a hand-screened silk scarf from Hermes' 1991 collection.

    Hermes 35cm Matte Ciel Alligator Birkin Bag with Palladium Hardware
    Pristine Condition - 14" Width x 10" Height x 7" Depth - More Info

    Hermes 32cm Shiny Rouge H Caiman Crocodile Sellier Kelly Bag with Gold Hardware
    Excellent Condition - 12.5" Width x 10" Height x 4"Depth - More Info

    Hermes 32cm Black Epsom Leather Sellier Kelly Bag with White Topstitching & Gold Hardware
    Pristine Condition - 12.5" Width x 10" Height x 4" Depth - More Info

  2. Hi lovely tPF Hermes ladies! We want to give a warm welcome to Heritage Auctions, especially Rachel from Heritage Luxury, for working with us to bring you an amazing look at the bags they have for their Luxury Accessories Holiday Auction.

    This thread will give you an inside look at what Heritage has upcoming and you can ask any questions you may have! Just FYI, this thread is a partnership with HA and tPF!
  3. Thank you so much Megs ! I am so excited to be here and get to know purse-lovers like myself. I have the great privilege of being a professional purse lover :smile: I know that everyone has their own favorites, and these are just my own, so I am very eager to hear your reactions to my picks - and hopefully some of yours as well ! Please feel free to ask me anything -it doesn't have to do with the sale or Heritage. I would love to get to know this community :cool:
  4. [​IMG]

    I, for one, am going absolutely insane over this bag - I don't own a Kelly but this would be the ultimate of ultimates!
  5. Megs ! You really do love dark red croc !! :smile: Can we take an informal poll ? Birkin or Kelly ?? I am definitely Kelly - sorry but I need a shoulder strap
  6. When i just looked there (2 minutes after it started) there were just a few H bags left that hadn't been reserved already.
    The items left were Kellys and Birkins, not a very wide selection.
  7. Pre bidding has been open since November 4th. The live auction is not until December 4th. What you are seeing online are the pre-bids. Nothing has been sold yet and everything is still available. Please let me know if you have any more questions or if this clarifies. Thank you ! Rachel
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    This is not a special privilege - it is a paid for sponsored thread :yes:. We run a variety of sponsorships opportunities (and if you or anyone you know is looking for this please feel free to PM Vlad or I to discuss!). We have run a few threads like this in the past with great success - allowing our members to gain inside information into great deals, hard to find products, and specials. We are very aware of not over-saturating the forum, which is why you will rarely see this happen.

    I assure you that we are always looking out for the best interest of our community and I truly believe many will love to have an inside look at some very rare and beautiful authentic Hermes items. :smile:

    I hope this clarifies even further - but as I said let's move on to enjoy this, and if you have any further questions, reach out to me directly and I will be happy to discuss.
  9. Rachel, you've got quite a beautiful selection here , congrats, and I am sure you will do great !
    I especially love the Black Kelly. From your pictures, it looks like it is made Veau Grain Lisse, an embossed leather similar to Courchevel, with a slight shine, that was used by Hermes for a few seasons only, it makes the bag even more interesting and rare . Right after this leather was retired, Hermes introduced Epsom. A matte version of it, still embossed.

    Megs, sponsored thread are indeed a great addition to tpf, thank you for bringing that in the Hermes sub-forum ... It would be cool, though, to know it is a sponsored thread BEFORE stepping in.
  10. Rachel, is it possible to know the blindstamp of that XXX-cute red Kelly 25?

  11. Wow ! I think are onto something. This is such excellent information. Let's open this up for discussion, what does everyone else think ? Once we come to a consensus I will update it on the website ! :smile:
  12. I absolutely adore the Guilloche hardware !! It makes this bag so unique :smile: I believe it is F in square, but I will run and check now ! I absolutely love rare bags - can you believe i have a dalmatian birkin sitting on my desk as we speak ? i just can't put it away yet - its too unique ! What do you think of that
  13. Rachel, I agree with perlerare. Am I missing the datestamp? I do not see it but it would be a good clue.

    We have a couple of VGL swatches in our leather reference book...

    Lovely bags, really.

    And goodness, that dalmation bag is quite a treat, isnt it! :love:
  14. It's an E square. Does that help at all ? I do agree that it is shinier than Epsom. I had never heard of Veau Grain Lisse though so had no considered it
  15. You might want to check out the reference library section. Lots of good info there compiled by the members of this forum over the years. :smile: