Heritage Luxury Accessories Holiday Auction – Hermes Highlights

  1. oo my dear those bags are all sooo special i can not pick but that 25cm ostrich birkin is simply perfection beyond anything i have seen in some time !!!!
  2. Hi Rachel, this is the second year that I previewed with a friend Heritage fine handbags/jewelry lots in Beverly Hills for December auctions. It has been such a pleasure and fun also! They are all so beautiful and in lovely condition. I will be following your auction on line :smile:
  3. I totally understand! We continue to hone our skills as identification is very important to us. We have experts internally, externally, and even from Hermes occasionally that spend weeks reviewing every piece. Although this is a fun category, it is also a serious collector field also and that's important to us -- that's part of the reason that we set up this thread with tPF, we want to give the collectors special access! Over the next few days I will add some more highlights that I think you all might like :smile:
  4. That birkin makes my heart jump everytime i see it ! I usually don't gravitate towards 25cm Birkins but that one is just precious. What do you think of the 25cm ombre lizard ? Have you seen that one ? I don't love it as much :p
  5. I am so happy to hear that you were in Beverly Hills ! I am sure that we met then :smile: Were there any bags that you saw in real life that were so much more spectacular than you saw online or in the catalogue ? I would love to hear your opinion !
  6. Well, of course. Your catalogs are very well made with beautiful pictures, however the bags IRL are also in lovely condition. I took a picture of the black Birkin with the diamond studded hardware it was so beautiful! The diamonds were blinding...;)
  7. I fall in love with the Black Kelly.
  8. I was at the preview last year and the bags are just delicious and in such great condition - totally agree with you! :biggrin:
  9. Thanks Megs ! I am very sorry we didn't see you in New York this year :sad: - Definitely in the spring though :smile:
  10. Spring of 2013? Do you know the dates?
  11. The dates are not final yet, but it will be April 2013. If you send me an email to rachelk@ha.com with your information, I can add you to the email list !

    Thanks !

  12. tPFers - you wanted more, so here they are - another batch of my Hermes favorites from our Holiday Luxury Auction ! I am looking forward to hearing what you think about this selection :smile: Click images to enlarge!

    Hermes Limited Edition 35cm Fauve Tadelakt Leather Retourne Ghillies Kelly Bag with Gold Hardware
    Pristine Condition - 14" Width x 10" Height x 5" Depth - More info

    Hermes Limited Edition 35cm Tri-Color Birkin Bag with Palladium Hardware
    Pristine Condition - 14" Width x 10" Height x 7" Depth - More info

    Hermes Limited Edition 32cm Camel Ponyhair and Ebene Evercalf Leather Troika Retourne Kelly Bag with Palladium Hardware
    Very Good Condition - 12.5" Width x 10" Height x 4" Depth - More info

    Hermes Special Order 32cm Vert Clair & Gold Bi-Color Courchevel Leather Sellier Kelly Bag with Gold Hardware
    Excellent Condition - 12.5" Width x 10" Height x 4" Depth - More info

    Hermes 32cm Shiny Poudre Alligator Sellier Kelly Bag with Gold Hardware
    Very Good Condition - 12.5" Width x 10" Height x 4" Depth - More info

    Hermes Extremely Rare 25cm Ombre Lizard Birkin Bag with Palladium Hardware
    Excellent to Pristine Condition - 9.5" Width x 8" Height x 5" Depth - More info

    Hermes Ultra Rare Limited Edition Sterling Silver Mini Kelly Bag with Chaine d'Ancre Chain Strap
    Excellent Condition - 5.25" Width x 4" Height x 2.25" Depth - More info

  13. I particularly like the ghillies and gator Kelly! They are absolutely gorgerous! The silver mini kelly is very cute too! But I am not sure it's big enough for my "essentials". :p Rachel, you really do have some really special items in this lot!
  14. Thank you very much ! Can you believe the poudre kelly its from 1992 ? It has been taken care of impeccably ! It's really amazing how finely they age :smile: The silver mini kelly has a sterling chaine d'ancre shoulder strap ! I would wear it as a necklace ;) It's actually a bit bigger than it seems - here is a picture of me wearing it !
  15. Lovely mod picture, Rachel! Yes it is a lot bigger then I thought! Is it heavy? It's solid sterling silver I assume?