Here's my new Toledo hobo!

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  1. I love her. rosie!

    She's a perfect bag to warm you on a cloudy day! :biggrin:

  2. Thanks ladies, she's a keeper!
  3. Thank you Sue!

    We are getting snow and sleet here in coastal Alabama!
  4. AAACCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKkkkk OMG!! I can't believe you got that from the As Is on the Q!!! Every As Is I have purchased was damaged. I just returned one of the bags that was the recent TSV. It was missing the shoulder strap, registration card (which is no biggie to me) and had someone's Macy's receipt inside. So it went back.

    And I just get jealous that other folks can order the As is and they are perfect... Like this Toldedo!!! I love it Rosie.. its gorgeous and its in my favorite Toledo color.. the red. Congrats on getting that one.. its GORGEOUS!!!
  5. Hahahahaa!!!! you are so right Sarah.. I did.. and I am as jealous as I can be.. but happy for Rosie. :lol:
  6. Thank you Joy - I wish you could get a good one too! I have had a 100% positive result with "as is". If I ever get a bad one, I will have to reconsider. I took this one right of the box and packed her up I loved her so much! Now if the weather would improve she and I could go for a spin!:smile:

  7. Great looking bag!!
  8. very pretty!
  9. Congrats, she's gorgeous, love the rouge color!!!
  10. Gorgeous! Rouge looks like a beautiful color. Enjoy!
  11. Mornin' Rosie!

    I LOVE your rouge hobo! What a great "As Is" bag, it's looks brand new and beautiful!

    Congrats! Thanks for sharing the pics!
  12. Thanks so much everyone - I am loving her!
  13. She's pretty. Congrats!
  14. I love the color!!
  15. Love the smooshy leather, congrats and enjoy!!