Here's my new Toledo hobo!

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  1. She arrived from the Q "as is" in great condition. She's a beauty as you can see, already loaded up and got her slouch on! She has been tried on, she was naked of her wrappings etc but I can't find a thing wrong with her. Love the color too. It's a gray day and can't go outside so I took three pics trying to show her glorious color, and I think the last one captured it! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1390934197.754995.jpg
  2. Rosie, you did good, girl! I love that and the price is awesome! I should have picked one of those up :smile:. Thank you for the pictures.
  3. Congrats Rosie! That's a beauty!!! Congrats on a great deal too!!
  4. WOW! She's a beauty, Rosie! :loveeyes: I love that color, and you got a DEAL on that one!! Congrats.
  5. Thanks ladies, I am VERY pleased with her! I so appreciate ya'll posting about her being available, cause I would never have checked otherwise.
  6. She's beautiful. Is that the Rouge? I ordered one but it hasn't arrived.
  7. Thanks, yes its the rouge. Sorry, I forgot to put her full name in!
  8. I just love the Toledo leather. That rouge is fabulous. Joy is going to have a fit when she sees your pics. :roflmfao:
  9. She's a stunner Rosie! Congrats on getting a good one :smile: The Toledo rouge is a beautiful shade of red. That's a great slouch!
  10. Yes, the leather is very supple, and she feels much lighter than the regular florentine which is a real plus.
  11. Thanks Twoboyz! I think it was you I have to thank for posting this sale!

  12. Oh you are so welcome!
  13. Beautiful! I love the stitching on the hobo, don't you? Such a gorgeous bag!
  14. Just gorgeous Rosie :loveeyes::heart::loveeyes::heart: I am so thrilled for you that you got a keeper! Enjoy!
  15. She's gorgeous Rosie! Congrats!