Here are the PICS of my new babies....


Savin' hard 4moreLVs
Nov 7, 2006
Okey everyone, here are the photos

Firstly my new Portef. Koala Damier Azur (X'mas gift from BF) bought from Queenstown New Zealand



Secondly BF Damier Belt (X'mas gift for BF) bought from Christchurch New Zealand

And a REAL Groom Cles is coming on Tuesday.

Tthe SA in Queenstown was very nice. The cles was sold out in store, but she keep helping me to find it, and finally their warehouse has the last one. Also, I asked if I can have a extra box for my homeless LV, she gave me one big one and gave me a :yes: and said don't let anyone knows. More, she gave me a call when she got the cles two day later and told me she is going to post it on monday (forgot to mention its free shipping too), she said make sure I will be home on Tuesday for my lovely new babes, and do ring her back to tell her have i got it or not.

This SA made me feel so :yahoo:, although I wasn't buying something big and $$$, she still give me the best service.

The SA in Christchurch wasn't bad either. She was very helpful. Since X'mas is coming, I think I will buy some chocolate and post to them.

OH, I'm dying for a Azur cles to match my new wallet now. But my BF said I bought the Groom one already, there is not need for another Cles. But I see the "need"....he don't.....

I also want to buy the new bubbles ring and earring, got stopped too.... :sad:
hi hi,i luv ur wallet..:tender: so beautiful. my friend have the same 1 in Damier..and i recently got my friend who's in Paris to help me get the multicolor koala (in black) as I already hv their Wapity in white. heee
oooh!! i want your wallet!!!

can you still put soeting inside the picure compartment even though there is already a pic in there?! like a card or something?!

behind the picture compartment, i have put 3 "chinese red pocket" there. inside those pockets are the "chinese wishes thingy" my mum got me. they are kinda thick, thickness like 3 credit cards, but not as hard

i would recommend to put a lots of cards there, because you won't be able to close the wallet

hope this help ;)
Congrats Cherry!
I love the Koala Damier cute!
Sound that you got the great time!

PS: I try to stop my wants as well but of course I cant...WHO CAN?!?!?
You are living in the one country that I would want to live in if I ever left the U.S. - Has always been my dream to live in New Zealand (visited there was I was in College for three months in the summer). Congratulations on your beautiful purchases!