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  1. HELP!! What do you think about the White JPG Birken Shoulder Bag????
  2. I think it is gorgeous but I am partial to the Birkin or Kelly!
    Are you getting one??
  3. Very nice....what do you need help with??
  4. Im about to get one!! and although i wish it was black i might not be able to get one for a year... and i just love the JPG style!!! so im being offered white with silver hardware and its soooooooooooooooooooo beautiful but im sooooooooo scared its WHITE!!! It will take the seat before i do!! haha
  5. Sounds really nice..they are rather heavy though and if you are not tall or short and confident it maybe awkward...
  6. If you love it..and you've tried it..go for it! What leather?
  7. I will tell you this- my friend has a white birkin (clemence) and has worn it a ton! Out to restaurants, to the beach, you name it. Because it is made so well, it has held up beautifully! Hermes leathers are very durable and i could not believe that her white birkin hardly had a mark on it after all the places it has been. She does not baby it either- she uses the bag as it was meant to be worn. So I say, if you are comfortable with white, go for it!
  8. Sounds nice, but white bags always scare me too much to own any.
  9. PINKlolita, I totally understand your concern. As your note in your avatar says, you live where the sun ALWAYS shines, so I say, hop on it!! You will get much wear out of it if you live somewhere warm. Black is surely more durable, but much less fun. I live in NY, so white is a tough one for me...also because I have children etc. The only white that I can imagine carrying is a pouchette. Small enough that I can stash it away before my 2.5 year old gets to it! I think you will LOVE it. Is the leather clemence? Remember, clemence gets pretty heavy, so that is something to think about as well. I am small in stature, so weight is always a concern of mine.
  10. i think its the clemence or toga..
  11. Togo is light. Clemence is heavy. Make sure u know which one it is first.
  12. Yes i live in miami beach and it would be soooooo perfect im also 5'9 so i can carry it!!! i think!! its just WHITE!! it is quite stunning though!! but i have to admit i probably wouldnt wear it as much as i would the black JPG or blue!! thank you so much for your input!! im meditating on it!!haha
  13. Im working on it!!
  14. This is good to know!! Thank you sooo much!! i know they recomend sending it in to the mothership once a year just to keep it in good condtion!! i wonder how much that is??
  15. its clemence.