Help: Zales Earrings

  1. I was looking for some Christmas gift ideas for my girlfriend and came across a pair of earrings from Zales. 3/8 CT. T.W. Diamond Solitaire Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold

    Roughly $100 with a promo code: BDAYZL832445

    Any opinions?

  2. I think I'm being a real dumbo here,but my maths is crap!!!! I can't work out what weight they are trying to say 3/8 I've never come across that before,I'm from the UK,so maybe thats why! But if I could get a better idea of size then I will have a more of a clue? But good choice on diamonds,I've NEVER known a woman to refuse them!!!xxxxxx
  3. chaz, they're just under a half carat TOTAL weight.

    They sound fine:yes:
  4. I think that sounds like a good price for the size. Studs are classic, so I can't imagine her not liking them, provided she already does not have a pair that is larger.
  5. what a lovely gift idea. she'll love them.
  6. $100... that seem really inexpensive! have you seen them in person?
  7. A pair of well-cut .50 ctw studs can cost in the neighborhood of $799.00--I just did a search. The $100 Zales studs, I'm afraid, are not worth your time or money. Please try to find a better jeweler--who sells better diamonds!
  8. Thanks for that Swanky!! Then in that case I totally agree!! Great little buy!!! Clever boy!!:tup: For the money you can't expect the Crown Jewels or amazing quality,but if she really loves them you could always save for a knockout pair in the future safe in the knowledge she will adore them!!!!!
  9. ITA! My studs were about .50 and were around the $1200 ball park (they were colorless). I think the Zales earrings might be a cloudy and yellow with inclusions. (I never shop Zales do to their poor customer service and I've had some of my diamonds I received as gifts from there pop out) See them in person first and see if you think it's worth your money, if not go shop around and find a place with a high quality diamond!:tup:
  10. I would stay away from them... I would think they are going to be crummy quality for that price.
  11. Definitely stay away-I was looking at them in July and even under the store lights they were so yellow. I wouldn't waste your money!