Help with eBay listings - items not selling


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Nov 18, 2005
big apple
it took me 4 times to finally sell my LV red jasmin on ebay. 4 times!!! crazy fees. but yeah i had to lower the price a lot.


Oct 23, 2005
South Florida
addicted said:
I actually got some information from a power seller on timing of items. She said that starting an auction on a Friday, for 10 days gets the most exposure because you have two weekends there. Auctions are better ending on a weekday. Typically people have weekend plans and don't have the time to watch or bid on an item that's ending. She said that her best auction days are tuesday or wed. 9pm est.

In my opinion, start your auction super low, and put a reserve. That way you get people to start the bidding early.

Hope this helps.:smile:
Really, Tuesday or Wednesday? Hmm, maybe I'll wait until tomorrow or later this week to relist and do a 7-day auction so that it ends in the evening during the week.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions, I'm definitely going to lower the price and reduce the shipping cost a bit. Hopefully I'll have better luck! :nuts:
Feb 13, 2006
Honolulu, HI
There are two sizes of flat rate boxes, and once I was able to fit two pairs of very thick soled sandals in one, it only cost $8.10! I find those boxes very handy as it usually costs more to ship Priority from Hawaii.

If you think you will be selling more on ebay, you can order supplies of these boxes in batches of 25. Otherwise you can get them at the Post Office - sometimes you might have to ask the counter rep as they don't put too many out where the free boxes are.

Here is the link for ordering:

And I did try to end my auctions on a Sunday evening once, and they didn't end much better than the weekday. So I am sticking to ending them on Tuesday late morning/early afternoon.

Good luck! Your photos are excellent.

You might add the color to the title of the blue shoes . . . .
I would lower the shipping, also. I buy on ebay A LOT, and the shipping price is always a deciding factor. You could always say that you charge actual shipping w/no handling fees (or a small one if you need to). That way, you shouldn't lose money and shouldn't scare anyone off . . . .