Help with eBay listings - items not selling

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  1. I listed two pairs of shoes on eBay, and both just ended without any bids :sad: I had 4 watchers on the Coach shoes, and 2 on the Charles David. Since I don't wear either pair, I'd really like to sell them and get them out of my closet.

    I'd love to hear suggestions as to how I can make these more sell-able on eBay. I thought I took decent pictures and provided as much information as possible about them, but no takers :sad:

    Any advice from you eBay sellers would be wonderful, as I would like to relist them tomorrow and hopefully sell them this time around.

    Here are the links to the listings:


    Charles David

    Thank you! :nuts:
  2. i know this myte be hard to do since u bought those shoes at much higher price. But if it was me, id drop the price by 5-10 bucks if u REALLY want to sell them. Either that or go a bit lower on the shipping. Also when i sell items i try to time it so the bid ends during the weekend... figure more ppl surf ebay then. But i love ur pictures! they are great!
  3. Thanks for the advice :biggrin: Yeah, I thought about lowering the price. I guess I could deal with that, since the shoes were free. My stepmom gave me four pairs that she bought for herself, but decided that the heel was too high for her. She gave them to me as part of my Christmas gifts :lol: Free shoes, I didn't mind!

    I did schedule the ending of the auction on a weekend. They just ended maybe 30 minutes ago. I usually try to do that when selling an item, either that or have it end on a weekday evening between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m., when most people are home probably surfing the Web.
  4. I agree with what Shih said. Try to time your auction to end Sunday night -- that's when the most people are surfing Ebay and are ready to buy.

    I know it's a bummer to list at a lower price, but hey -- any $ is better than no $. Either that, or offer free shipping -- at $3.85, Priority Mail is an affordable option for you. I find that free shipping usually trumps lower prices for some reason. It may be a psychological thing. :smile:
  5. My post office is ripping me off if Priority is $3.85. I think that is the price for up to a certain weight. For bags and other items I've shipped via Priority, the cost is always around $8-12 or so. But I guess reducing the shipping to $6 wouldn't be a bad idea.

    I did have the auction end on a Sunday night :biggrin:

    Ugh, after eBay and PayPal fees, I won't be making much off of these listings :sad: But, at least the shoes are out of my closet and I've made room for more! :nuts:

    Thanks for your suggestions!
  6. I think the Charles Davids are priced too high for used shoes. You can find Charles Davids on sale for that same price. They're always at my Nordstroms Rack for $49.99 almost any style.

    I don't know about the Coach, maybe lower it ten bucks?

    Best of luck!!
  7. if i could grow my feet i would..YOU KNOW I WANT THE snake SHOES LOL :sad:
  8. Really? I've never bought a pair of Charles David shoes before. I've been into the store a couple of times and seen that they're usually around $150 or so. I'll lower the price then, thanks!

    JAP - Stick Kleenex in them if you have to. Buy nowwwww :P
  9. Oh yeah, I think the weight limit is 1 lb...sorry for the wrong information. For future reference there is a $7.95 flat rate box and "unlimited" weight -- basically whatever you can fit into that box. It's good for books and such. I don't think shoe boxes can fit, however.
  10. I think maybe lower the price for the Charles Davids or shipping, other than that I don't know sorrie...
  11. BEST OF LUCK, Cristina! It's SO ANNOYING when things don't sell, and listing fees REALLY add up! I feel your frustration!
  12. Thank you! :nuts: I'm going to list them in a bit, both with starting bids at $39.99, and lower the shipping to $8. At least if I don't make that much off of the sales, I've got a cleaner closet :nuts:
  13. I agree, lower the starting price a bit.
    Since postal rates went up Priority isn't $3.85 anymore anyhow - even if your shoes in their box were within the weight limit for that fee, I think the lowest is now $4.10. But even when I sell my daughter little girl shoes it costs me closer to $7 to ship them Priority.heck out this eBay calendar for best auction start/end/length times:
  14. everybody on ebay wants something for perceived CHEAP. so as long as you aren't LOSING money by listing them lower, maybe you should consider dropping it to $29.99 or so...I've found that people bid crazier on things that start at .99 with no reserve than things that start at the price you're actually willing to sell them at! It's scary, but maybe worth it if you got them for free in the first place. Those are popular sizes and I'm sure someone will buy them sooner or later.
  15. I actually got some information from a power seller on timing of items. She said that starting an auction on a Friday, for 10 days gets the most exposure because you have two weekends there. Auctions are better ending on a weekday. Typically people have weekend plans and don't have the time to watch or bid on an item that's ending. She said that her best auction days are tuesday or wed. 9pm est.

    In my opinion, start your auction super low, and put a reserve. That way you get people to start the bidding early.

    Hope this helps.:smile: