Help.. which one should I pick

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  1. I have been wanting a tote bag that I could travel with .. ! I have a Chanel Tote, Goyard Tote, LV Casbas Piano, LV passy GM.. and one huge LV beach looking bag from my uncle when I was 12...

    I have been searching for the right Tote bag...!!

    So here I am asking u guys to help me out in picking my tote bag, below are my choices
    1) Neverfull MM (is such a gd deal, but not sure if I want another monogram)
    2) Wait for the Damier Neverfull MM or the Azur Neverfull MM ( Does Anyone knows when they will be coming out ?)
    3)Azur Saleya

    What do u guys think ?
  2. if you're asking me, I'd go for the saleya:yes:
  3. Saleya! Zip top but I would go damier so I didn't have to worry about it as much.
  4. Azur Saleya, no doubt about it!
  5. Azur Saleya
  6. I would choose Azur Salaya also.:yes:
  7. my vote goes to the azur salaya. I have one and love it.
  8. :P Seems like everyone thinks the azur looks better .. hee I got to admit I never like damier before .. but since I got my azur speedy .. I am in love with the whole azur damier... but will the color be too light if I want to carry it in winter to travel.. I already have a white epi passy.. !! What do u guys think.. ?

    And should I get the Pm, MM or GM if I am getting the Saleya?

    Thank you so much everyone:cutesy:
  9. Azur Saleya! It's really versatile and the zip top makes it more secure!
  10. Saleya! Or maybe a damier neverfull. I think regular damier would be better to use year-round.
  11. Another Saleya vote here!!! :yes:
  12. Azur salaya!
  13. Saleya, and if you plan to use it for travel, go with at least the MM.
  14. I would go for the Saleya in azur! I have been waiting for mine for over 1 month now!!!
  15. Since you already have a couple monogram totes, I'd say go for a damier or azur tote. I'd say either the neverfull or the saleya for everyday; but since you're going to be traveling with it, I'd say the saleya (cuz of the zip top). As for the colour, I'd probably go for the azur because I usually travel during the warmer months (or I go somewhere warm).....