HELP!! Trying to decide between M/L & Jumbo on me!

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Which is your bet for me?

  1. M/L Classic Flap - Lambskin

    22 vote(s)
  2. Jumbo Classic Flap - Lambskin

    10 vote(s)
  3. M/L Classic Flap - Caviar

    46 vote(s)
  4. Jumbo Classic Flap - Caviar

    39 vote(s)
  1. #1 Jul 12, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2016
    Can you guys help me decide which size looks great on me? For the jumbo, I prefer to only wear it double straps and for the M/L, I prefer to wear it only single strap. I'm kinda decided with the color and hardware, Black with GHW, but still undecided also on the leather. I've been thinking about this for quite a few days now... I'm really having a hard time deciding... And don't forget to cast your votes in the poll!

    Right now I already own a vintage camera tassel bag and a GST.

    Thanks girlfriends!

    Looking forward to all your responses!

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  2. Hello! For my two pennies worth I like both on you but prefer the jumbo. I have an m/l that I only wear single strap and a jumbo I only wear doubled up and I the jumbo is the one I definitely reach for more. As for leather I am a die hard lambskin fan. So my vote goes to jumbo in lambskin! GL deciding!
  3. I prefer the black jumbo on you worn with the double straps.
  4. I just purchased the black caviar M/L. I'm tall, thin, sizing is just fine on me worn either way. My vote is definitely for the caviar! It has a "fresh" look to it. The jumbo only looks good doubled up on you. Both lovely. Just keep in mind, the M/L will carry you into the evening for less formal occasions. The jumbo looks silly.:biggrin:. Its a day bag.
  5. Thanks! I'm really afraid that the Jumbo would look big on me. Is the lambskin really not that fragile as most think it is? How often do you use your jumbo?

    Gee, thanks also :smile: hoping to decide before my bday because I'll have this as a bday gift so this will be really so special.
  6. Since you already have a GTS, which is caviar about the size of a jumbo, my vote was for the lamb M/L (assuming the smaller size works for what you carry). Bonus is that this size is easy to dress up or down. Good luck deciding!
  7. Wow! How tall are you? I'm just 5'4". I just like it doubled up on me. I can maybe carry it single strap but would definitely need to tie in the inside to shorten the straps. But a little afraid that it might leather inside, not sure.
  8. Wow! I really thought M/L is hard to dress down. I find the size so dressy :smile: it looks so classy and elegant! Honestly, I'm kinda afraid to pair it with just jeans or any sort of casual attire.
  9. I think you will find many here who will tell you how easy it is to dress down the M/L! I have both M/L and Jumbo and find the M/L is way easier to dress down than the Jumbo is to dress up.
  10. Wow you look FABULOUS in both bags! I like both on you...I don't think the jumbo looks too big when you have strap doubled ( & I agree with you in that it looks better double strap style)....I kind of think the M/L is maybe a little more versatile because I think it looks awesome on you carried BOTH ways (doubled & single strap)..Best of luck deciding!!
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  11. :yes:
    Much easier to dress down with a smaller bag. Silver with caviar for a less dressy look, although I adore lambskin with gold.
  12. Yay.. Thanks for the compliment! ☺️ The decision-making process is kinda hard.... Wish I could have both.. Haha! What about your leather choice?
  13. Wow.. From someone who owns both.. Thanks! By the way, how's the caviar holding up? Is it already getting shiny? Why did you chose the caviar in your recent purchase? Are both leathers available by the time of your purchase?
  14. I adore GHW too! All my chanel are GHW.. Haha!
  15. trust me, I get it on decision making process (ugh!:lol:) You really can't lose either way & you will make the right will come to you! I did place my vote so I'll be a "meanie" & not answer as to type of leather because I have & love both!! Good luck & you really look amazing w/ BOTH bags!:happydance: