Help! Should I get the Compact Curieuse if I have the Emp Cles?

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  1. For the past 8 years I have carried the Sarah wallet. I have two. This week I bought the Emp Cles and I've been using it as my wallet. Believe it or not it fits everything I carried in my Sarah with the exception of my book of stamps which I can easily leave in my desk drawer. I've been thinking about buying the Compact Curieuse wallet but now I I need it? Can I really use my Emp Cles as my wallet? I rarely carry cash and coins but I do have some folded cash and a folded emergency check in there too. I know the Compact Curieuse has better organization and it can fit more items like receipts, but is that enough reason to have both? I guess I'm just wondering if I can happily downsize this much. What would you do?
  2. I wouldnt get both or you could buy the compact wallet and see which one you reach for the most and sell the other.
  3. Omg that's funny because I'm having the same dilemma, except it's the opposite! I have the Curieuse wallet, which I absolutely LVoe! I've been thinking of buying an Empreinte Key Pouch (just patiently waiting for the right color), but I don't know what I'd use it for lol.

    Anyways, I think the Curieuse wallet is a great compact wallet and it actually fits a lot! I usually carry about 10 cards and there's still room for more (I don't double my cards btw). I don't ever use the coin pouch for coins because I like to keep it clean so I put 4 cards in there instead. I also love how it fits into most of my bags. It's a great wallet at a really good price point, imo. Good luck!!
  4. So happy to hear that you got the Emp. cles! Honestly, this is one of my MOST used SLG's. I really don't think the Curieuse compact wallet would serve a function beyond the cles. Unless you just want to add another Empreinte piece, I would say that you don't "need" another small wallet. It is truly amazing what that cles will hold ~ I am not one to overstuff my things, but it holds several cards, cash, and change very comfortably. I have been using this piece since it came out (almost 1.5 years now) and it looks new! (Can you tell I am a fan of the Emp. cles?!);)
    Congrats on yours!!
  5. I'm thinking of keeping my ID and debit card in the Cles attached to my keys at all times because it's great for errands and using the Compact Cruieusr wallet as a wallet with my other cards, money, change, receipts, cash, and a check or two. I don't NEED IT, but it's so cute and I feel sort of "naked" using just a Cles as a wallet. The Compact Cruieuse is a terrific price too!
  6. I know what you mean by feeling "naked" downsizing so much, and definitely can identify with just wanting another empreinte piece;)

    If you have the budget for it and an occasion to treat yourself, go ahead!;) enabler here, hehehe

  7. Yeah, totally understandable. And honestly, how many SLGs do we really "need"? Lol

    You should get the wallet if you like it a lot. I don't think you'll regret it. I've been using mine since 2013 and it's still in excellent shape. I love the Empreinte leather. It's soft, super durable, and it smells good hahaha
  8. I love this little gem so much!
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    Sharing photo of both slgs in case it helps OP :smile:
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    I have both slgs and it's not often that I use them together.

    Big totes, Métis, Speedy 30 -- I use full-sized wallets and the empreinte key pouch.
    Smaller purse -- I use my Compact Curieuse wallet; no clés, just put my car and house keys in, uncovered.
    Clutches and pochettes accessoire -- use the empreinte key pouch as wallet.

    I don't think you'll regret if you just keep the emp cles, OP, or get the Compact Curieuse, or get both. Good luck deciding!
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    I always feel as if I need an actual wallet in my bag, except when I'm using an evening bag for a formal affair. I have the full size Curieuse and absolutely love it! I use it in all of my medium- sized/ larger bags. In my small bags I use a Vernis zippy coin purse as my wallet. I use a Cles daily to hold store rewards cards and I have my car key fob attached, so for me a wallet and a Cles is a daily must.

    As for the compact Curieuse, it's a very beautiful, functional small wallet, and as you already know, empreinte leather is gorgeous and holds up very well. If you don't currently own a small wallet, my vote would be to get the Compact Curiuese. Good luck deciding.
  12. I have Eva so the Emp Cles would serve as a wallet in that bag. I think I will buy the Compact Curieuse wallet. I want the St. Germain PM and it would fit nicely in it. Plus my Pomme Sarah is 8 years old now (my MC Sarah is 3 years old but I only use it with my pink bags!) so it's time for something new!
  13. I'm going to go for it. Thank you for your help!
  14. Thanks for this thread ladies! This is exactly what I was looking for and now I've made my decision! I'm going to save up for the Compact Curieuse wallet!:biggrin:
  15. i would get both to keep organize. I have the key pouch and a compact wallet as well. The Cles is awesome by itself but kind hard to go search through when there's a stack of cards pile against each other.