Help pimple won't go away

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  1. I have pretty clear skin and I've never had acne. But I have this one pimple that won't go away! I think it's been on my forehead for months. I've popped it a few times and thought it was done w/ but I still feel a bump there! I've used benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid products on it every day, but no improvement.

    Has this ever happened to anyone? Also I am prone to getting white heads that don't pop. They just stay under my skin until I actually push them annoying!
  2. The whiteheads under the skin sound like milia (google for more details).

    I have the same problem with the underground bumps that are still there long after the zit is gone...the zit is still there and that's why it flares up whenever it feels like it. I started using Dermalogica products and it has helped A LOT! Others might have some suggestions too.
  3. I have the same problem, one on my back and another that just appeared on my chest. I popped them, but the bump is still there! This can't be a pimple can it?
  4. i had something like that on like my temple area near my forehead...i finally stuck a pin in it and it made what ever was in it come sure thats not the best thing to do bu it worked!
  5. have you tried tea tree oil??
  6. i get those AA LOT and my dermotologist told me that when you pop your pimples on your own you dont get everything out (what is really deep in) so thats y you feel that ball inside... my advice is go get a facial they will get it out with a needle
  7. MissTiss: OMG...hahah this is an actual condition?? I used to have these under my eyes for like years and years! And no matter how I tried to pop them they never came out. Then I got a facial and they were able to extract it. I think I get them on and off now...but I'm usually able to squeeze them out...though I get scarring sometimes. I've found that salycilic face cleaner w/ epsom salt has helped them not form anymore. It's good to know what they are finally! What Dermalogica products do you use?

    courtneyh: I do that all the time...but usually w/ tweezers the pointy kind. I know it causes scarring but I can't help it. No topical treatment works.

    Sophierose: I thought about using that, but I think it only dries up pimples..and these aren't really those kinda pimples.

    DamierAddict: I was just thinking about going to get a facial since it's spa week!

    I'm probably gonna go get a facial this weekend and see if that helps! I'm just glad I'm not the only one w/ this issue. =)
  8. For Milia, I am not sure how to avoid them. I was using baby oil to take of my eye make up and developed them then. I don't use mineral oils anymore because of this.

    For Dermalogica - I use a 5 step program, which is a PITA to me, but it's working.
    Precleanse (love it!), special cleansing gel, daily microfoliant, multi-tasking toner, and active moist.

    I think what's helping the most is the precleanse, it's oil and like desolves like. Does really well at getting make up off, I've heard others use jojoba oil instead with great results. The other thing is the daily microfoliant. This rocks, it's done wonders for the hyperpigmentation from old pimples and really evened out my skin tone.

    I order from
  9. what i usually do to stubborn pimples is dip a cloth in hot water and press it against the bump.. then dab tea tree oil on it.

    i've also found that bactine and vitamin e oil help make bumps go away.
  10. I had a horrible one beside my nose a few years ago and I worked on popping that sucker for weeks. Once I did, it never healed and now I have a small hole there. I can actually stick a pin in the hole. Not cool. At least it is not very noticeable. I'd never pop one again now because of it.
  11. I dunno, I have two huge bumps on my chin now. I applied that proactive face mask things, and hoping that it goes away tomorrow! LUCK!
  12. Could you get an emergency appt. w/ your Dermatologist for a cortisone shot?
  13. JSH812 I don't have a dermatologist...I've never seen one before.

    Sunnypoo: I tried the Tea Tree Oil just for the hell of it. It did have a nice cooling feeling...and its started to peel my skin on/around the pimple. Not sure if that's a good thing. That stuff is strong, I accidentally got some on my eyebrow and the skin started peeling there. I had to lotion it asap!

    Cheermanica: I've used the proactive mask too (my bf used to use proactive so he has some left over). If you have one that's big and red it helps draw out the white head part so you can pop it. Though it's only really worked if you leave it on overnight otherwise I've not seen an affect.

    Raggamuffin: That hole I believe is your pore. It probably has not shrank down yet. I've done that many times and the hole usually goes away. Actually I'm glad I see the hole because that means the stupid pimple has has actually cleared out!

    Also I was mistaken, spaweek's not till next we'll have to see how this tea tree oil works till then!
  14. I have a stubborn Milia on my brow that keeps coming back. I would love to get rid of it inexpensively and without seeing a derm. Anyone got any advice? I am so sick of it.
  15. Try Mario Badescu drying lotion for white heads and Mario Badescu buffering lotion for red cystic acne. The stuff is amazing and I couldn't live with out it.

    I put on both when I feel like something is about to come up and this stuff prevents it from even erupting. It really has done wonders for my skin.