Help! Parma or Old Petra?

  1. Hi All -

    I really need your opinion....I'm trying to decide between 2 cute coin purses and would love your opinion...

    Contestant #1: Old Petra Coin purse with Poudre stitching

    Contestant #2: Parma Coin purse with chain detailing

    I love the contrast of muted mauve and the poudre stitching, but also love the bright pop of color in the parma. If anyone has the Parma color, please post pics so I can see it in real life...i never know how the lighting in the picture affects things...

    I can't get both b/c i've spent too much $$ this month already...

    thanks so much!!:yahoo:
  2. The link to the second one doesn't work.
  3. What color is parma?

    I like old petra better than the colors on that catalogue page anyway.
  4. Those green and purple colors will be going on sale on 6/4 anyway. Not sure if old petra will go on sale too, but it's seasonal, so it might.
  5. I really like the old petra. I'm hoping to score a wallet of some sort on the 4th...
  6. i think old petra will go on sale too....
    between the two, i like parma better....
  7. #2 would be my choice; it will be interesting to see what's available on sale in June.
  8. I actually prefer the Parma between your two options. :yes:

    Also on the bandwagon that thinks Old Petra will be going on sale soon!
  9. hi ladies..oh, more confused than ever since it seems to be a split vote. Actually both the Parma and the Old Petra are on sale. I called the store and confirmed.

    other colors that are on sale are:
    quarzo - there are veneta's left in quarzo
    off white (flay?)
    trifiglio (green)
    bascially anything from the resort 07 season is on sale.
    poudre cocker

    Limo is NOT going on sale - boo hoo.
  10. I called and was told no on the Old Petra...but they did seem confused so this new information keeps me hopeful!

    And to clarify my vote, I'm not a "pink" person. I'm much more into earthy tones. The Old Petra is pink for someone who isn't into pink :smile:
  11. What store is this?

    I say parma. I have a parma wallet and it's beautiful!

  12. What about ebano - is that seasonal and therefore going to be on sale, do you know?
  13. Ebano is not seasonal, and will never go on sale, as far as I know.
  14. ^ Thanks! :flowers: I didn't think it probably was...

    So, does that mean that seasonal styles like the Chain Veneta won't go on sale if they are in a non seasonal colour?