Help & opinions on which Mogano bag I ought to get, please!

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Which Mogano to get?

  1. Mogano SGH Part-Time

  2. Mogano SGH City

  3. Mogano SGH Day

  4. Mogano RH City

  5. Mogano RH Day

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hello there, fellow Balenciaga comrades!
    (I clearly need to stop reading ancient texts before I become a complete dork)

    So I have been looking in earnest for a Mogano SGH Part-Time for a little bit now. My poo luck had me out of Rome/away from my computer when one popped up on ebay, I missed it, but lovely Deco got it and it looks so gorgeous on her that I've stepped up my urgency in acquiring this bag.

    But so far, there have been no PTs to be found! I have found a few lovely Cities with SGH and a Day or two with okay leather at best. My other options are just getting a City or a Day in RH, but I feel like my heart is set on the PT, though I think I could be happy with a City. Should I wait for one to pop up again? Should I call every Bal on the planet? Will I be able to successfully describe the leather I want? I'm just not sure, I'm torn and I need some help/words of wisdom.

    If you would be so kind, what should I do? :confused1:
  2. i say wait a little more and try calling as many bal places as possible, and in the end if you really can't find it, move on to your next choice, which's the SGH city i guess?
  3. I agree ^^ wait out the PT and get the city with SGH as a back up.
  4. stick with the one you love! you'll never be happy any other way. keep calling!!
  5. Wait for an SGH part time since that's what you really want :yes:
  6. You have to wait for the one you *really* want. Otherwise you'll never be completely satisfied and will always be wiaiting for the right one to pop up. I know this lol. And I', waiting too, except for a PT with GH. I don't understand why they're aren't more PT's out there, they are such an awesome size!
  7. ^You want a Mogano PT with GGH? Those are available. I believe BalNY has one, as does Neiman Marcus Paramus.

    Thanks guys, I think you are right. I'm just ridiculously impatient sometimes. Must wait. Must have will power!
  8. Hi Amiekbs8... stick with what makes your :heart: skip a beat... ok that sounds corny .. but you get my gist. :PTry NM Fashion Island.. They usually have a good stock of Bals there.

    Through all my bals i've bought and sold over the year... the mogano SGH pt is my faavvvoorritte. It gets better when its broken in as well. :love: GOod luck on your search sweetie... one is out there with your name all over it! :yes:
  9. Absolutely wait for the Mogano SGH PT!!! It's definitely the one that you :love: the most, and, IMO, it is the most stunning style/hardware combo for Mogano!!
  10. I simply adore my mogano RH city - its my fave bbag!
  11. You might also want to try the Saks in Naples. They have the largest Bal selection of any other Saks store and that's where I found my Tomato GGH PT that no one else had - and not only was it a miracle that I even found it, it has the most amazing leather!!
  12. I'm not a BBag expert by far, but I do know that when I want something and I settle for something else ... I end still wanting what I originally wanted. So, get what you really want, so that you'll be happy!

    So that being said, I voted for the one you wanted ... that and I like PT SGH in that color, so yummy!
  13. Don't give up amiekbs!
    Have you tried with Balenciaga Milan?
    And Paris?
    I'm sure you'll find the perfect one for you: it will appear one day :yes:

  14. OMG oogiewoogie I could kiss you! I just called Fashion Island and they had one left! I described what I wanted: a dark chocolate brown with reddish undertones, in a part-time with giant silver hardware and that's what they had! It took a bit to make sure it wasn't Tabac, which she sad was like a tobacco light brown color, she couldn't remember Vert Fonce but assured me it had no greenish tones, it was a mahogany color. I was going to die!

    She couldn't send me a photo but I'm pretty sure it's it! I love you so much! I can't stand NM for not having a good national server (I called so many and had so many 'national searches' run turning up nothing), but you, my dear, are awesomeness epitomized!

    I got my bag! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  15. that color sounds awesome ! Congrats!