HELP! New Modern Chain or Soft and Chain Flap in Black??

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  1. Ok, so this debate may be pointless because I don't have my hands on the new modern chain with the resin handles in black....but I have always been intrigued and just saw pics of Beyonce (who i seriously dislike) carrying the modern chain tote and it had stuff in it and was a bit broken in and seeing it in action made me REALLY like it...But I also have a soft and chain flap in black on hold for me. So what do I do!?
    Here's the thing...I wanted another bag that was less "large" like all my daily bags are (cuz im 5"9) so that I could carry it at night and in the day in summer with a cute dress that called for something a little more dainty. But I could also use another black bigger bag for daytime.

    Oh dear....HELP ME LADIES!?

    ps....the price on the soft and chain is almost reason enough to buy it...$1850!!
  2. I like the soft n chain. not a fan of the plastic handles!
  3. I agree I like the soft and chain better. Plastic handles feel to fragile to me.
  4. I know!!! THey do feel flimsy and all....the bag just looked so good and funky while Beyonce was carrying it that it was making me reconsider? Really appreciate everyone's feedback!!!
  5. same here...although I like the original modern chain with pewter hardware.
  6. soft n chain:heart:
  7. I love both bags but i'm not into the MC resin handles, still prefer the classic chains. If to choose between these two, i will go for the Soft & Chain flap but i tot it was totally sold out, is there one available in the stores coz i'm still hunting for one, anyway~~
  8. Peggy at Nordstsroms Seattle has a black soft chain flap with gold hardware.
  9. They didn't make the soft and chain with gold hardware....?
    Yes....i tracked one down!! And thanks to all you lovely ladies and the feedback so far I do believe I should go with the soft and chain, which was my first instinct.
  10. I like the soft and chain.
  11. The soft and chain!!!
  12. soft and chain!
  13. soft & chain hands down :smile:
  14. You girls are the bestest:yes:
  15. SOFT & CHAIN! I LOVE mines