Help! Neverfull de for everyday bag? Wear and tear

May 19, 2013
Hi everyone! Havent been here in very long time :smile: But now I need your help! So, I'm thinking NF de for everyday bag, and need your advise. Does the bag last? How is it with wear and tear? I heard that someone had problems with glacing or something? It is still expensive bag for me and if I buy it, I want it to last.

First I thought about Speedy 30, but I thought it would be easier to me use a not top handdle bag, cause I'm toddlers mom and hands free is maybe better for me :smile:

Please help! Thank u!


May 11, 2013
United Kingdom
I would search the threads for cracking, there are loads of them on here! I love it, but haven't purchased for this reason. Check out the threads, there are pictures too :smile:


Mar 9, 2008
i bought it but returned it because i knew if it cracked i would be really upset over it. went for the speedy bandouliere 35 de instead for a larger ebene bag that could be carried on the shoulder. it's a shame because i really love the nf gm de too but there are so many reports of cracking.


Mar 31, 2010
I use my NF as a heavily rotated in mom bag. With a toddler, you will want a NF and live in a NF. :smile: More so than a speedy imo. Just the open access even is really nice. I figured I'd do one of 2 things. 1., buy brand new and just feel confident in that the straps glazing issues would be covered by customer service, if issues arose (seems to be hit or miss, maybe depends on how often the bag is used, or how it's stored, carried with lots of weight in it etc.. but in the end a lot of the issues I feel are just normal wear and tear.) OR I figured I'd buy one pre-loved (I did this, I got mine from Yoogi's) and then knew I could just use it to death and not worry about it. I got a decent deal, I don't baby the bag too much and since it was already 3 years old when I bought it and looking good, I felt confident that the quality was there and it wasn't going to start falling apart anytime soon.

Mine is a 2009 NF and it still looks the same as when I bought it. Slight wrinkling, it does have some slight visible wear where the glazing bends a lot.. but it's still functional and pretty and I'm not too worried about it. A NF is just one of those bags you want to carry and not stress about.

Good luck deciding!


miss LVis

Dec 11, 2013
I have them both, and would personally choose a speedy, instead of a neverfull. I think the handles are too thin and often painful on the shoulders


Oct 5, 2012
I've been using mine in heavy rotation since September of last year. Here are pics of the handles. I love this bag! No problems whatsover😊

ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392164221.947028.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392164232.396950.jpg . ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392164163.614617.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392164187.997104.jpg

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Feb 22, 2012
I bought it brand new years ago and saw that the glazing on the handles was dry and cracking. The same thing happened with a speedy 30 DE I used to own. I exchanged the NF with the azur version and never had any problem. I'm thinking about getting the mono NF eventually. I love this style so much!


Jul 31, 2010
i love my neverfull monogram
I will not mind so much about the cracking to be honest, because if it really break, I am sure LV will have responsible customer service to deal with the situation
Mar 6, 2006
I have both DE and monogram Neverfull in the MM size and love them a mommy too and think the neverfull is a fab tote bag. I've had no problems with cracking or peeling. Another alternative I'd highly recommend is the palermo as it has the zip for security (I have the PM as the GM was too big) I personally didn't like the speedy B and sold it. Hope this helps and let us know what you go with.