Help Needed for Sister's gift

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What should I buy her?

  1. Blue Nile Bezel Diamond Pendant (.25-.33) 18k wg

  2. Tiffany SS Key

  3. Tiffany SS "Figure Eight" Pendant

  4. Other

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  1. #1 Jul 8, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2009
    So... I want to buy my sister a really nice, really pretty necklace (or maybe earrings or bracelet, but preferably necklace) for when she starts college. She already has a "class of 'XX" padlock charm from tiffany's, so I don't want to do that or one of the graduation caps.

    My maximum budget is about $600.

    I was thinking either something from Tiffany's or a diamond pendant from Blue Nile. She's not really into big name, designer things, but I know she'd think it was special if I bought her something nice from either company.

    So far:
    - 18k Bezel set diamond (.25-.33 carat) necklace from blue nile
    - Tiffany key (she'd either LOVE or HATE this one)
    - Tiffany "figure eight" necklace


    Any other ideas?
  2. I like the 18k Bezel set diamond necklace from blue nile.

    I usually just give my sister money, or take her out shopping so I know that she will get what she really wants!
  3. get the bluenile bezel set necklace. It is classic and simple.
  4. #4 Jul 8, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2009
    Tiffany's has the a sterling silver diamond by the yard necklace that is about $450. Also they have a diamond by the yard necklace with aquamarine $350.
  5. I am a big fan of Tiffany, but I actually like the 18k Bezel set diamond necklace as the style is classic. What dmitchell15 suggested are also great! I would get something with diamond if the price is within your budget. I have the Tiffany "figure eight" necklace which is also very nice. As for the Tiffany key, I would get the smaller key (maybe 2 which would make it more unique!) than one big key as I believe that the small keys goes well with everything but the big key only looks good with long chain IMO.

    GL!! :smile:
  6. I really don't want to buy DBTY from tiffany because I'd be paying for a .09 carats when I could be getting .30 carats, kwim?
  7. I would definitely go with the diamond from BlueNile.
  8. Go for the bluenile necklace. It's classic and I bet she doesn't have many other diamonds. It'll be really special.
  9. If money is no object then get the BN really will be something that she loves forever. If not then get the Figure Eight. While I love the Keys collection, IMO that one (which is fairly large), while beautiful, is more a statement piece than a forever piece. I KNOW a lot of people will disagree with me on that.
  10. the blue nile solitaire is the most classic. i bought my niece a half carat solitaire necklace - prong set- for her MBA grad and she loves it! you can't go wrong. you are a sweet sis!
  11. the blue nile is by far the most classic, the keys pendant like you said its either she'll love it or hate it, so I would play it safe....Blue nile it is for me!
  12. 18k Bezel set diamond (.25-.33 carat) necklace from blue nile is the best, but can you get it for $600?
    It is really nice. I would love to get it too.
  13. I think Tiffany is overpriced, and you are paying extra $$ for its name only. Thus, I vote for BlueNile. However, you may want to consider giving cash instead or let your sister pick. She is family, so it is OK to be open.

    If I did not know the maker of the three gift chices, I would have picked the diamond pendant, because diamond is worth more than silver. Besides, the diamond pendant looks great, elegant, and TIMELESS. The key is a bit childish.
  14. Bezel set diamond!
  15. Definitely the diamond necklace from blue nile, it is simple and classic and something she can wear for years and years without tiring of.