Help need with the Fendi B Bag in the largest size

  1. Help needed with the Fendi B Bag in the largest size. :smile:

    First and foremost I apologise if I have missed the answers to the questions I have put forward in this thread in another thread. I always try and avoid starting new threads when i can just use the search function to search the forum. Problem is that I can't search "Fendi B Bag" as "B" is 1 letter and the minimum is 3 letters per word for the search function to work.

    So I have a few questions. I have been eyeing the Fendi B Bag for a while now, in the largest size. I know the large B Bag is no where near as popular as the medium one on the forum but I have never been attracted to the B Bag until I saw it in the largest size. I was planning the get the black nappa/black patent from Jomashop in the next month but after seeing Cosmopolitan's new B Bag in the blue nappa/black patent combo, I just have to have it in that colour. :graucho: I always thought the colour looked yucky from Joma's pics, but as you can see the colour is gorgeous! :girlsigh: You can find pics of her small B Bag in her thread.
    my new Fendi B east-west shoulder bag! *pics*

    I have read baglady.1's comments about the rivets popping if the bag is too heavy which isn't a problem for me cos I don't carry much and I love the look of this bag more than anything. I was wondering if you ladies could help me answer any of the following:

    1) It's a big bag and does it look too 'flat' if not much is in it? Is it like the spy that looks best when it is "full"? If anyone has a pic of it empty and holding it that'll be great.

    2) I have read that the bag is hard to open, i.e. the opening/closing mechanism is a pain to open quickly. Would anyone be able to post pics of what the latch looks like? A picture of the bag open showing the latch would be greatly appreciated. :yes: Or even a sequence of photos showing how to open a B Bag in general (that's if it is complicated). I don't know if it is the same as the medium B Bag, but if it is I would love to see pics of that if no one has the large B Bag.

    3) Does it have a stiff base? Cos I don't like my bags bowing when I have stuff in them. I guess I could always make another base otherwise.

    4) I am 169cm tall, approx 5 ft 6'', would the large B Bag be too big on me? I know compared to the spy it is bigger and I don't have a problem with big bags, I just don't want it too big.
    Measurements for the bag are base width 18'' x bottom width 14'' x height 11.5'' x 5'' depth. (there are modelling pics of me in **kavnadoo's Collection** on pg. 3 if you want to get an idea of my size).

    5) If anyone has any photos of anyone (you or even a celebrity) modelling the large B Bag, could you please post it in this thread? I would go through the Celebs and their Fendi's thread but I'm on a dial-up connection and it would take forever.

    Thanks in advance everyone! And sorry for the long wordy post, I've never been good at explaining myself. ;)
  2. Yes I'd like to know those answers too. I know they don't have fendi boutiques near you but is there any store like Neimans where they'd carry any fendis at all? I'm guessing not but thought I'd ask (but seems odd they wouldn't!). Your post ^^ reminded me of how I have to find extra things to put in my spys so they don't go flat..haha. And don't worry I'm often wordy as well, I like explaining myself so everyone understands. <--ok I had a hard time trying to type this in a short way. Ok I'll stop now.
  3. I almost bought the B bag in the Large size from jomashop too. I was really on the fence about it. I love big bags, and I wasn't worried about it being too big. But I did a lot of research in this subforum and there were just a lot of comments about how the bag didn't work well in the Large size--rivet problems, difficult to close, etc... That scared me off. :shrugs:
  4. There is absolutely no where that carries Fendi. Luisa has a few pieces but I mean a few. They have 1 bag de jour and they had 1 spy in velvet in the past 2 years. So there is really no where I can get look at the bag... which really sucks.
  5. Thing is I really really like the bag that I could overlook all these things. I just want to be absolutely sure before I commit to buying it. So that I am not surprised when I receive it. I found this pic
  6. wow big!!^
  7. Found this on the net. No idea who she is but that doesn't matter. Question is, that doesn't look like a large B Bag. It looks different, like it's some hybrid of the large and medium. Opinions?

  8. I agree..even if she was really really tall. But I don't know:confused1:
  9. ^That one really has me stumped. OH IT JUST CLICKED!!! Can you see the metal bit on the bag? This is the medium B Bag. It isn't closed and is hanging open. That is why is looks so big. DUH...

    Found another pic, I think this is the large B Bag. Correct me if I'm wrong. So I think I have a rough idea of size but I would really love to see pics of the latches of B Bags in any size.

  10. ^oops that isn't the large, it's the medium.

    Now I'm just posting modeling pics of the bag so anyone else who is interested can use this as a reference.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. kavnadoo,
    sorry I am no help, but I just want to say the blue nappa looks delish! :drool: How are you planning on getting it from Jomashop without getting taxed though..? Or, will you have to pay tax?
  12. ^No worries. It does look gorgeous doesn't it? I will definitely get it from Jomashop and I will definitely have to get taxed unfortunately. No way of getting around that. It'll be 10% so not to bad since the bag is about 1k.
  13. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. Well, I think it will still be worth it, because it looks absolutely amazing, and also, they are marked up so much in Australia :tdown:
  15. ^That's right. It is really hard to find it not at full price. I know the boutique has it but I'm not paying full when I can get it cheaper.

    Here's a runway pic of the red patent from before.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]