Help Need For Red Bag

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  1. I want to buy a red epi bag... but I can't decide the shape... I love all off them... locit,speedy,passy...... and the others... which one is the best... HELP NEEEEEDDDDDD...:confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. I vote for the speedy!
  3. YES.. ı AM THİNKİNK ABOUT THE SPEEDY ALSO.. I need something casual.. I am not working so I am going to use the bag in day time and night.. I write som styles speedy, lockit etc.. but you can choose anyother bag from the epi line... important thing is it must be good looking with red
  4. I love the red epi montaigne sac.

  5. I love her too... so confused:confused1:...
  6. I'll vote for Jasmin :biggrin:
  7. :confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1:
  8. I LOVE the RED LOCKIT!!! so will vote for that =)
  9. PASSYYYY! it's so cute and functional! get it!:biggrin:
  10. Noe, get a Noe! The folds are amazingly beautiful in epi leather.

    I love them all too. I think that makes epi my favorite LV fabric!

    My take on a few of the designs. Speedy shows the squash too easily and I worry about creasing the leather. Lockit sort of small but sooo cute. Jasmin, probably small as well and I thought it was the cutest til lockit arrived. *I* think the epi looks best with a more structured bag like the Alma, Montaigne, Passy and Segur.

    Have fun looking through all the designs. I am sure one will end up your favorite. I had a terrible time choosing my damier. Consider the size and carry style you prefer and a couple will rise to the top of your list.
  11. I like the soufflot in red!
  12. ^^Yes! Soufflot in red epi.
  13. :blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink:
  14. OK... I have 4 options now...
    1. Bowling montaigne
    2.petit noe

    JUST TELL ME WHİCH ONE???????????????
  15. Passy! Next choice would be Speedy.