Help??? Mom of 3. Speedy b 30 or NF GM?

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  1. Mom of 2 here to a newly walking 1 yr old and an active 3 yr old! I have a graceful mm (shoulder bag comparable to the NF) and a speedy b 30, both in DE- my vote is hands down speedy b 30 just for the fact that you can be hands free and it has a zipper closure to keep things from falling out while on the go. And having it in DE is just one less thing you have to worry about as you go about your busy day. Plus, you already know the speedy b style works for you good luck with your decision, hth!
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  2. Another vote for the Iena DE I love it such a carefree bag and a zip closure x
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  3. I’m a mom to three little ones and I have both the monogram GM Neverfull and speedy B30 in DE. As much as I can hold in the GM it gets heavy very quickly and is uncomfortable to carry when I have my babes with me (even with the monogram straps). Speedy b30 is comfy even when loaded (keep in mind I do keep a diaper bag in the car for all things necessary and what gets put in my purse is bare essentials for the kids) and keeps you hands free like someone else already mentioned.

    You really can’t go wrong with either one but everyone says how comfy the vachetta straps are on the monogram neverfulls but in my experience it doesn’t matter what material if you load those bags up the straps dig in because they are so thin. I have a DE Neverfull in the MM size that I enjoy carrying more and is comfortable because I’m not compelled to bring everything but the kitchen sink!
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  4. my NF is over six years old and i use it the most of all my bags and zero cracking:smile:

    IMG_6229 (1).jpg
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  5. Beautiful bags!!! I am getting more and more excited. I need a little bit of more time coz i need to save up lol
  6. NF is so much easier as a mom as compared to the “black hole” effect in the Speedy. I would never reach for my Speedy B over my NF even when I do not have kiddies w me. Good luck with your choice.
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  7. Thanks a lot! I noticed that on my speedy b 35. Kinda hard to find some stuffs. And i never zip my speedy. Is it just me? Haha
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  8. Yes, it is almost like I have to make a conscious effort to zip the Speedy.
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  9. True haha.
  10. Also a mum of 2 little ones, I find I use my speedy b 30 in DE more. It's such a carefree bag. Convenient and easy to crossbody when I need to carry one of the babies and great hands free option like people have mentioned. I do use a bag organiser though and just carry essentials. I'm still able to put a few nappies and wipes and food pouches as well.
    Either way, they're both great bags. Good luck and let us know what you end up getting :smile:
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  11. I am really eyeing on the speedy b 30 in de. So hard to decide, if i only have a lot of money to get both. Lol. For sure, will post which ones ill get. Thank you!
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