Help??? Mom of 3. Speedy b 30 or NF GM?

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  1. hi guys. I know this topic is all over the place, but i need a number of opinions to decide.
    Here’s my dilemma. I am planning to add another lv in my collection. I already have speedy b 35 in mono and noe in mono. I really wanted to have the DE canvas in my collection. I wanted to get the speedy b 30 in de but i think it would be impractical cause i have the 35 already in Mono. I was thinking to grab NF in de but after tons of research, a lot are complaining about the leather trim cracking and straps digging on shoulders. Or should i just get the NF in mono? Ugghh. So hard to decide.. hoping for an advice to clear my head. Lol. Thanks in advance.
  2. What about Iena? Don't get a NF, I see those everywhere.
  3. Hmm. I can take a look. Thank you! Yup, i see it NF everywhere lol
  4. I think a NF would be the best choice. it may be "all over the place," but there is a reason for that... it is an amazing bag and everyone knows it.
    You can dress it up or down, you can throw everything you need in it and it is a workhorse.
    i wouldn't let the popularity of a bag detour me from getting it (nor do i get a bag just because it is popular - the PM for instance :smile:.
    I would try it on in the store and see why, for yourself, why it is so popular :smile:
  5. Speedy 30 is really quite small if you carry a lot of stuff, and the opening isn't as generous as the NF.
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  6. I think so too, i can see why it is popular. Just caught up which canvas/leather trim is more durable? I heard DE’s leather trim cracks in a short period of time?
  7. AC882DE3-ADE4-45FA-AD5D-F703F5C953FE.jpeg
    My new GM, love it! Had the DE but I just couldn’t do the straps so I let it go to get this one.
  8. So bizarre...have had my Neverfull MM DE for years and no cracking and super comfy
  9. Me too. None of my de bags show where....Neverfull, totally, Berkeley, etc
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  10. How about the Siena? To me it looks like an updated, not so casual/sporty speedy. You can wear it also crossbody. Also the flower bb (I think?). I tried it on in the boutique, it’s super lovely, on the small side, but it’s in mono - not DE... still very cute and to me at least, an updated speedy.
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  11. I don’t have any problems with my de Neverfull. I am one of the few though. I see a lot of comments about the bag being uncomfortable.

    I know people consider the Neverfull common and basic. I got my first Neverfull 10 years after I started collecting LV. I am a complete idiot. I now have 13 of the those bags. They are great if you have kids. You can throw everything in them.
    Mine has been used for a diaper bag, travel bag, beach bag, shopping, football games, carried the puppy, toys and most recently medical stuff while running my elderly mom to doctors appointments.

    Everyone needs the neverfull......
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  12. Mom of 3 over here... neverfull gets to heavy strap on shoulders IMO - DE Speedy b all the way and it the print looks great in Speedy
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  13. Beautiful!!!!!
  14. Thanks for all your suggestions. I still got time to think bec i am planning to get one at christmas time. Keep the suggestions coming..
  15. Speedy B 30 is a great idea.
    But Neverfull I don’t get sick of even if I see it everyday everywhere...
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