Help me with my 1st bv bag

  1. Hi, im new to this forum. i live in England, in a sleepy seaside town, far from any high end stores. i am considering buying a bv bag. i really like the new season cockers but the only colour they do in europe is the noce with magnolia accents. has any one seen this bag in real life. if so what is it like? i also quite like the sloane inlimo. cananyone advise me?
  2. I already replied in your other thread. I think the Sloane in Limo is beautiful. I don't have one so I don't know if it fits over the shoulder. The Cocker is very popular--it only comes in the one color there? Maybe you'll see something else in the shop that suits you.

    Enjoy the shopping for your first BV!
  3. Here in Germany the cocker comes in all colours like ebano, black, magnolia, poudre etc.
    I'm sure that in London they will have more than one colour.
    I really like the cocker, too but I didn't like its feeling under my arm as it's pretty wide.
  4. I'm in the same boat as you. I'm having a hard time deciding which BV to buy. I am in love with the color Limo so I am leaning towards the classic Veneta in large. I was depating between the medium and large Veneta but I think the large will be more functional since I carry EVERYTHING in my bags. Let us know when you reach a verdict.
  5. I've just bought my first BV and I am sooooo excited! I have on it's way a Ball bag in Limo :yahoo: And you will see from my signature that there are at least two more BV's on my wishlist :push: These bag are so addictive! Since I saw them for myself in London I have been hooked!

    Anyway, back to your question - they have all colours of Cockers in both of the London boutiques :yes: Ebano, Noir, Noce.....

    Give them a call and they will help you. Although London prices are crazy and I am getting my next two from France to save some money :yes:
  6. ^^ I just saw the Ball in Limo today at my local boutique. I'm not a fan of the Ball but in Limo, it looks positively yummy! Congrats and remember to post pics (action ones too!)
  7. hi Tanja. do they have the new season cocker, which is all woven with diffent coloured accents? i have a brother who lives in Germany, actually he is a german citizen. im sure e would help me out if there was one i wanted.
  8. Hi Balcnlfen. i am after the full woven cocker in any diferent colour to noce. hve you sen any?
  9. ^^^The full woven Cocker will be lovely. I hope you find exactly what you want, raz.
  10. Another tPF member has it in ebano I believe. It looked beautiful in the pics
  11. Oh...and in the whiteish-grey pergamena colour!
  12. they both look gorgeous
  13. and oh so soft...
  14. They did have the all woven cocker sometime ago but I don't know about it know.
  15. finally i have ordered something, which i should hopefully get tomorow. i have ordered 2 (i will send one back!!!!)
    one is the sloane in limo, because i absolutely love this colour, although im not fully sure of the style of the sloane. the other is the fully woven cocker in pergamena, because i love the style of this bag. its so hard, i would love the cocker in limo!!