Help me think of a gift for an 18-year-old boy!

  1. One of my daughter's friends is competing in a major singing competition and she wanted to get him a stuffed teddy bear to give after the performance. Unfortunately, a friend of hers ran with the idea and she is doing it instead.

    My daughter asked me for help in thinking up something else and I am so clueless.

    Any ideas?? All I can think of is another stuffed animal. She doesn't want to give flowers...

    Any help appreciated! TIA!
  2. Maybe do something completely weird but touching. I played ice hockey before and sing at the same time. When I started to sing heavily, I had to give it up. After a performance once, my good friends who I played hockey with, taped a bunch of fake flowers to the end of a hockey stick. And she gave that to me instead. It was HILARIOUS but so touching/sweet at the same time! I'll always remember that. It actually almost made me cry! haha

    Do you know what kind of thing this boy likes?
  3. A Ferrari 360 Modena F1.......:roflmfao:...forgive me...I couldn't help it!
  4. Hard cold cash!!!

    What about a gift card to his favorite dining hot spot or a couple of movie tickets??? All the teens here love Buffalo Wild Wings, not sure if they have that in your area.
  5. Thanks for the replies!

    sheishollywood - what a creative gift you got! :tup:

    I don't know much about the guy... he's into singing. :smile: Wonder if we could rig up something along with a toy microphone... hmm....
  6. Actually, movie tickets and the cold hard cash seems to be the gift of choice amongst these friends and she's giving that to the same boy on his birthday in a couple of weeks! :yes:
  7. give him a jar maked "tips" and stick some cash in it.

    in my experience, that is all an 18 year old wants. but i could be way off!
  8. I like the jar idea... very cute!! ^^ I was thinking for part of it also since it's a singing competition and he obviously enjoys music maybe she could make him a CD of his favorite songs from the computer, or a gift card to iTunes or store like BestBuy? Kinda clueless on this one sorry lol
  9. Haha! Before I opened the thread, my first response was automatically "A stripper!"

    Hmm . . . maybe a cookie bouquet?
  10. LOL I was going to suggest a 17 yo girl.
  11. As a 21 year old male I would say go with the money. Gift cards are hit or miss because I have many in my wallet right now that I never used, but cash is excepted everywhere. Maybe a visa gift card??
  12. is he into anything else besides singing. my SO used to collect the old transformer toys and video game figures when we were at school.
  13. As cherry pie has said, what are his other interests? And when is the singing competition exactly?

  14. I agree, you can't go wrong with a VISA giftcard!