Help me set a 3 carat antique Asscher!!!

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  1. Omg, really? I would be heartbroken, that ring and asscher are out of this world!
  2. Thats a tough one. I would say 3 stone with traps, or the pave band, or the 4th option with baguettes, but that doesnt really narrow it down for you too much! lol
  3. Say it ain't so! I LOVE that ring!
  4. i know...i want Erica to come back to tell us what shes getting next, pricescopers said its a setting from her website with a 2 carat or high OMC. another person did a reveal and stated that she bought it from Erica because she was upgrading!
  5. wow, now im wondering what she got.....hmmmmm.....