Help me set a 3 carat antique Asscher!!!

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  1. Few more

  2. I dream about your ring!!! I need an upgrade!!!:wlae:
  3. exquisite, erica. congrats!
  4. erica thank you so much for the gorgeous eye candy!!! i LOVE looking at this ring!
  5. Drooling like crazy!!! Congrats, I love the resetting, it was worth the wait!!!
  6. Thanks everyone. I couldn't be happier with it! I find myself staring at it in disbelief that it's mine :smile:
  7. I wish I had a 3 carat! :biggrin: I'm still waiting for my 1 carat asscher but hopefully soon. Congrats on your beautiful ring.
  8. wear it in good health! it's a STUNNING piece, one of a kind.
  9. I hardly ever come to the jewelry forum. ( Usually go to pricescope for jewelry). I am so glad I did. This is stunning! Enjoy it.
  10. Wow, it just turned out breath taking. I can feel your joy. May you wear it in good health. It was fun to follow your journey, until it came back to you. I really loved reading your thread.

    It turned out so lovely, enjoy.
  11. May your ring bring you peace and happiness always
  12. i don't usually like diamond jewelry (well, except my engagement ring & "push" present)... but OMG i love your ring! The setting... the size.. the way it sparkles! It's just perfect!

    Wear it in good health! :smile:
  13. this is the most beautiful asscher ring I have seen!! PERFECT! it is exactly what I am looking for... generally speaking, how much would a ring like that normally cost? how much would you save if you did not have the baguettes, only the three stone? sorry if this is a personal/forward question, but any insight would help a ton! thanks!!!
  14. WOW!!!!!! THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE DREAM RING!!!!!!!! Seriously. I have a 1 carat asscher solitaire on a platinum band. I love mine and I think that you have to go up to at least 1.5 carats before you can do a design like yours. I eventually want to do that. I LOVE yours. Good work!
  15. their was discussion on pricescope that Erica sold this ring and got another one...i wonder if the next will be even more fabulous?!?!

    hopefully she's still around and will let us know what shes getting next!
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