Help me pick out a louis vuitton bag for my anni!!

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  1. Lucky you! I say... go into and buy on impulse! :smile: Well, only if you fall in love with it of course!
  2. Vernis Alma!
  3. [​IMG]epi passy is cassis! gorgeous!
  4. [​IMG]vernis summit drive in pomme...gorgeous too!!
  5. Ohh, how about a Vernis Roxbury in Amarante.
  6. How about something from the Suhali line? Lockit or the Le Fab would be a great addition to your fab collection!
  7. I agree totally...some vernis would be lovely! Any bag, any color...LOL!
  8. Another vote for the vernis alma ... that bag is too gorgeous!
  9. Trevi GM!
  10. Mahina or WC.
  11. something from the vernis line, like the alma, would be a great addition. esp since you have the basic, day-to-day, bags already.
  12. mahina :drool:
  13. I've seen the Suhali Majestueux - almost bought the white one for's $2730 (before the price increase!). I'm assuming that's not a problem for your BF since he got you the Mahina XXL.

    Either that or something else in the Suhali line...looking at your wonderful collection, as we all get older (or more mature) we need bags for more formal events (some during the day...where Le Majestueux would be great) or something in the evening (Le Preciuex or Talentueux).

    If you think Suhali is too "mature" then Sunset Blvd. would round out your collection...good for daily work, yet perfect for a formal evening.

    I think your collection may go in two directions: either broaden the collection with other LV line/material or focus on 1-2 product lines and grow those lines (this way, all of your accessories are inter-changeable).

    Just my thoughts, hope it helps.
  14. I'd go for the Vernis Alma, the Trevi, or something Suhali:drool:
  15. I agree too!!!:tup: