Help me pick out a louis vuitton bag for my anni!!

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  1. hi girls my anniversary is next month and my fiance is nagging me because he doesnt know what to get me! every anniversary he gets me a louis vuitton bag (we have been together for 4 yrs) so i have :

    the louis vuitton speedy 35
    the louis vuitton neverfull gm
    the louis vuitton mahina xxl
    the louis vuitton watercolor speedy 35

    what should be next in my lv collection? please help me! idk what to get and post pics =] thank you!!

  2. how about some vernis in your lovely collection? :smile:
  3. agree! or you can add some EPI! :yes:
  4. Oh yeah, vernis or epi in a pretty fun color!!! I am loving the passy right now is cassis!
  5. I vote for something in damier or epi.
  6. thank you girls :smile: any specific ones u guys like?!? pictures? thank you!
  7. The WC Speedy's beauty will never be out-dated! Go with the WC Speedy!
  8. vernis alma!!
  9. Since you have a lot of big bags, and some hand carried - how about one with a bit of pop that also is a shoulder carry - the Roxbury Drive. This picture is Pearl, but I suggest Pomme!
  10. Since you already have great hand held and big shoulder bags, go for something smaller. I vote for Vernis Pomme in Sunset Blvd or Roxbury. Happy anniversary.
  11. or you can get an alma, either in damier or epi... :tup:
  12. Trevi might be a nice addition.
  13. oooh, lucky you! I'd get the Mahina or WC!
  14. Vernis Alma :yes: