Help Me Pick A Color for THE PURSE style bag!

  1. Does anyone have The Purse and can you post pics PRETTY PLEASE???
    Thinking this is going to be my next bag, just need a color :P
  2. So you've ruled out Camel?

    I think the Purse is such a classic shape. If it were me, I'd get something fairly neutral because it would lend itself well to the classic styling. White, camel, or pale rose would be sweet. Maybe not black, which might seem a bit grannyish in that style. JMO!!!!
  3. ^^lol at your signature line KristyDarling. Very cute!!

    I have a bordeaux purse but I think any color would be nice. Not much help huh? I've been VERY lazy about posting any photos. I need to find a day when NO ONE is home so I can take out all my babies and photograph them. ( one knows!)
  4. Here's a pic of my Purse in 06 Grey
  5. I would get a purse in INK, BLUEBERRY or ROUGE VIF!!!

  6. Nope, I didn't rule it out...;)
  7. OOOHHH I like that gray too!
    I already have a Blueberry City and a Griege First so those two colors are out...I'm going to Barney's this weekend so I'm hoping they have a Camel something to see IRL first...tedstar had a Grenet Purse just listed and I was very tempted...decisions decisions LOL!!!
  8. I think Blue India would look beautiful in the purse style... or INK mmm. :girlsigh:
  9. Ok, I can see you guys are gonna be NO help - LOL!!:P
  10. WOW addictedtolv- I had never seen the Puse in Gray, it looks gorgeous. I think i want one too.:drool:
  11. Here is a Grenat purse (it's much darker IRL):

    grenat purse.jpg

    Good luck with your choice!
  12. i love that grey
  13. I have one in sapin and I just love it! I can attach pics later.
  14. That is such a beautiful gray!
  15. I love the grey, really classy!