Help me ID previous LE collection in pix?

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  1. Can you help me identify a limited edition collection from a few years ago?


    What is the name of this collection (Naomi's bag), and when was it released?
  2. Wow, that's on HOT bag! Sorry...I don't know the name!
  3. there's one on eBay running i believe?
  4. I dont see it on let-trade!
  5. Why I didnt see it on Let-Trade. Oh! I missed sth?
  6. they have one on eBay starting bid was 750
  7. Ohhhh yeah, you corrected that. Thanks. :love:
  8. But what is it called?
  9. Hmm.. was that the Extraordinaire collection etc. Michelle we need you!
  10. Draped Suede Lilac Pochette?
  11. i cant find it on ebay or completed listings can you post link?
  12. ^ Yup that´s what I was remembering
  13. Yup! :yes:

    I love the strap..
  14. LOL! I typed the keywords John gave into google and found it on ebay! Thanks! I had that bag in my mind, and wanted to see what they go for. Does anyone remember what the retail was on these?