help me find a whiskey edith!

  1. i have been looking for a chloe edith for a while. im bummed i seem to have missed out on all the good sales for the bag:push:

    i've been watching some on eBay and have seen teh sale ones on NM and BG....but i really would like to not spend over $600 on one.

    i really want whiskey, but would settle for muscat, since it seems quite close.

    does anyone have any leads on any they've seen ????
  2. are you looking for the classic or large?
  3. Neiman Marcus Last Call in Dallas TX - Grapevine Mills had Whiskey Edith - $510 (I was there on Monday night). They should do a phone order for you. I read elsewhere that many of the Last Call stores have them now. Phone number is (214) 513-1527. Good luck.
  4. From the deals and steals thread, NM Last Call at Milpitas have several for $510. Phone number and SA info are posted on that thread, check it out!
  5. thank you so much! i'll be calling tomorrow :smile:
  6. i just called the CA store, and they have 3-4 but in chocolate. the SA said they were $550 though :sad:

    im caling the texas store tomorrow...hopefully with better luck
  7. Good luck.. they pop up every now and then. You can try calling Nordys and see if they can do a search for you. Most likely everything has already gone to the Rack.
  8. Try the las vegas store too. They have a good collection of things.
  9. There's a tall whiskey edith on in the sale section for 60% off, right now.
  10. check Last Call Denver, there are several whiskey for $510, unfortunately with a few flaws (one has mix of smooth, pebbly leather, one has scarring in leather), but I could overlook those flaws

    FYI, also chocolate, red, grey(?) Edith
    also Betty in red and brown (I think)?
    also a few Edith bowling
    all black Tracy and brown/brown Tracy

    Good luck!
  11. I bought the last Whiskey Edith today at NM Last Call in Katy Mills (Texas). They still have them in Rouge, Camel, Ivory, and Chocolate. If you're set on Whiskey, call all NM Last Call stores. Good luck.
  12. are the ediths at the last call stores still $510 or was that just for laborday?
  13. They're still $510. The Chloes were excluded in the Labor Day Sale for Katy Mills.
  14. yahoo! thanks to everyone here! and i mean it! you gals are the best...just ordered a whikey edith from florida store! :party: