Help me find a Small Handsfree Crossbody bag!

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Which small handsfree bag to purchase?

  1. Monogram Trotteur

  2. Monogram Blois

  3. Monogram Viva-Cite PM

  4. Monogram Popicourt Long

  5. Monogram Tambourin

  6. Monogram Trotteur

  7. Monogram Blois

  8. Monogram Viva-Cite PM

  9. Monogram Popicourt Long

  10. Monogram Tambourin

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  1. Hey Girls,

    I need help, I'm preggers, still in my first trimester, but already i've been too tired to carry my handbag ... most of the bags in my collection are hand carried, i only own the Boulogne that can be worn crossbodied...but its still a bit heavy, bulky and too big for my needs now. I need a handsfree smaller crossbody bag that can fit a wallet (i can certainly downsize to a cardwallet if necessary), a makeup compact, 2 lipsticks, 1 cellphone, 1 pack of kleenex, and 2 set of keys (i carry my hubby's keys when i'm with him)...

    I've came up with several choices, but my wardrobe this fall / winter consists of dresses paired with boots & mid-length coats, so my handbag choice would be better if its on the dressier side.... while it still has to meet my needs.

    The following are a couple of choices i came up with:
    1. Mono Blois
    [​IMG](source: celebrities thread)

    2. Mono Popincourt Long
    3. Mono Trotteur
    4. Mono Tambourin

    5. Mono Viva-Cite
    (source: eBay)

    I'm not too sure about the popincourt long, since i'm planning to get the handheld popincourt for sure...[​IMG]

    Thanks for your help in advance~
  2. viva cite I LOve the red lining...and shape...
  3. My pick of those would be the Popincourt. But since you plan on getting the handheld version. I'd get the Mono Blois

    Congrats on being a mommy to be!!!
  4. I like the Popincourt Long or the Tambourin - its got an interesting shape. I guess it depends how much you need to carry...they're all great looking bags, though...congrats on your pregnancy!!!
  5. how about the Pochette Gange? hehehe

    *number 3 !!! looks modern and simple! for any age, and i say it will go with any outfit...unlike the circle bags...etc...!
  6. Congrats on your pregnancy! I'm not crazy about any of them.
  7. First of all, Congrats! I picked tambourin--so cute!
  8. I like the popincourt long the most from the choices you have but since you are getting the handheld version for sure then I voted for the blois.
  9. I am not sure how large of a bag you want, but the denim camera bag is really cute!
  10. i was going to vote popincourt long lol but i'll prefer variety in the collection since u'll be getting the popincourt :smile:. the blois is a good size but it can be bouncing to and fro your body when u walk. tambourin is really cute but the buckle closure is not my thing. trotteur is not as glam as the rest i feel.

    i like viva cite pm the best. it can fit all the things u mention, looks chic and the visible red lining is just so delicious against the mono print :drool:. have fun choosing and congrats on the pregnancy!
  11. I have the mono trotteur and I LOVE it! I tried them all on at the store when i was deciding last year. I like the fact that the trotteur lies flatter against the body and does not stick out as much as the blois or tambourin style. I tend to use it if I'm on a field trip (I'm a teacher and a mom) or sight-seeing when I don't want a bag that gets in the way. Also, it holds quite a lot - I usually carry my mono ludlow wallet, small digital camera, cles or 4 key holder with keys attached, lipgloss, compact, purse pack of kleenex, and my treo cellphone. It all fits perfectly in there!
    Congrats on your pregnancy! Let us know which bag you decide on!
  12. I like the Blois...I wonder why I never noticed this bag before! It's very cute! Have you seen it in person?
  13. what about the saumur? or is that too big?
  14. Mono Trotteur,
    Congrats on being pregnant !!:tup: I hope you have a beautiful LV loving child hihihi
  15. I saw a lady carrying the Trotteur a few months ago. It looked really great; she was wearing a sundress and pearls. I can see the Trotteur easily being dressed up or down.
    Congrats on your forthcoming blessing!