Help me find a new pair of Signature Every Day earrings, suggestions please!

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  1. Okay, so here's the back story.... I have worn the earrings pictured below nearly every day since I bought them way back in 2004. They were my first Tiffany purchase ever. I bought them to match the bangle my husband (then boyfriend) had bought for me, the bangle being my first Tiffany piece ever.

    Last week, I came home and as I was taking off my jewelry I discovered that my left earring was gone. I have no idea where I lost it during the day.

    Tiffany has discontinued this line, so replacing the earring through the company is out. There is nothing in the current line up that appeals to me. I've seen the same preowned earrings listed on ebay, but I'm reluctant to buy the same pair a second time at an increased price.

    I'm hoping to find (preferably) a stud style in 18k yellow gold that is simple and can be worn every day. Preferably not more than 12-15mm on a side. I'd like something solid as opposed to hollow, but not too heavy. These earrrings were about 4-5 grams, I think.

    I appreciate any and all suggestions! Thank you for your time!

  2. the open heart earrings (third link) that cupcake34 proposed was exactly what i had in mind for your replacement ... have you tried them in store? it is really dainty and sweet looking.
  3. I feel sorry for your earring. Such type of stuff has happened with me too.
  4. I love the open heart earrings, that would be my choice, so sorry for your loss though. Generally the best way to find a lost item, is to spend lots of money on a replacement, and then the original turns up :smile:
  5. Ahahahaha this is so true!!
  6. Oh my gosh so many autocorrect mistakes in my post! I hope you can decode them sorry!
  7. I second the bead earrings! I have the 8mm silver ones and I wear them every day. Love them so much!
  8. I think you should revisit Tiffany's Elsa Peretti Collection. There are a lot of great choices.

    I own these (which I love)-

    I also think the Round Earrings would be great as well-

    Also, as others have stated, the Open Heart Earrings are a great alternative.
  9. I'm sorry for your misfortune! I had this happen with a pair of Me&Ro earrings I was enamored with a few years back, it is so hard to find a replacement. Honestly, I love the open diamond hearts (platinum or RG style that someone posted above me) if those are available in YG then I think that would be the best option because they are reminiscent of the original but with a little more bling! :smile: Plus, diamonds go with everything. :smile: