Help me decide...which fall bag?

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  1. I love all 3 but I can only get one.

    Which would you pick?
    black_suede.jpg bordeaux.jpg brown_leather.jpg
  2. Number 2. Red is a hot color this winter.
  3. I agree for the same reasons. Saw a beautiful Jimmy Choo in red while at the DC PF meeting! (not that it was one of your choices...):P
  4. I'm torn btw 1 and 2 myself. I absolutely love the look of the black suede but the rust is also pretty IRL
  5. i like 2 and 3
  6. NO. 2 the red one!
  7. no. 2, i love that the bouvier style and rust is a good color between red and brown. :smile:
  8. number 1 or 2. i think i have to see them IRL.
  9. #2 definitely
  10. I like the first one the best. It's a classic!
  11. # 3 is my choice
  12. i say #2...then #3...
  13. Same here
  14. I like #1 the best
  15. I have a green Bouvier which I love but I've got my eye on #3 the Princi Guccissima. I like 3.
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