Help me decide please.......

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  1. Perfect! Post pics when you get it! I think my next bag is speedy b30 in azur ❤️
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  2. Hopefully I will have her tomorrow x
    Ohh lovely you never be done always thinking and saving for the next one lol
  3. Yay! Right !? I told myself you need to enjoy the moment. I think I’m going to wait for next year for a bag. Little bag ban. ( Which works bc fall is approaching and I want an azur hehe) I just got the Damier Ebene feliece and I also got the monogram favorite this year. I do however want the new iPhone folio that’s coming out and I asked my friend to bring me back a bracelet from France but other than that - ban! I think lol
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  4. Lol I need to go on a bag ban too but I’m heading to Dubai on Friday on holiday so you never know what I might pick up I would absolutely love a monogram favourite but not holding out much hope
    They are beautiful bags you have purchased recently enjoy using them x
  5. Oh that’s exciting and so fun! Have so much fun! I’ll attach my little bag family lol- Ysl my parents brought me back from Hawaii in May ❤️

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  6. Beautiful collection :heart:
    I’ll keep you updated on any purchases I make from my holidays lol
  7. Ty!! Yes can’t Wait and good luck with speedy today!
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  8. It has arrived sitting under my desk in work I’ll wait until I get home x
  9. Speedy B. Great bag!
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  10. My speedy b arrived yesterday and she is beautiful currently sitting for the tanning process lol
    De neo noe returned x
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