Help me decide please.......

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  1. Looking for some advise please TIA

    I purchased a DE neo noe in Safran last week and I currently have a noir monogram neo noe and a petite noe which I totally love but I didn’t get the love at first sight with the DE Neo Noe
    This weekend I seen a monogram speedy b 30 and my heart skipped but I also have a classic monogram speedy 35

    So do I return the DE neo noe and purchase a speedy b 30 I know it’s hardly 1st world problems but ......

    Do we love the speedy b ???
  2. You like the one bag and not the other so I don’t really see the question.
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  3. If you don’t love a bag I’d say return or sell it... the price points I really need to love the bag lol... since you have another neo noe i’d say get the speedy b
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  4. As long as you haven't used it, I think you should return the other bag.
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  5. Just looking a second opinion as the other bags I have are similar
  6. Definitely not used thanks for your reply lovely x
  7. Thank you I think my mind is made up the speedy b was beautiful x
  8. Go with the one that makes your heart skip a beat. Designer bags are too expensive to not absolutely love it!
  9. Thanks x
  10. We love the speedy B both in mono and DE, go for it, you have another nice Neonoe and a petite Noe. So at least it will be 2 speedys 2 noes xD
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  11. You need a Speedy B 30 :heart: Different enough in size and use than the classic. Love the Neonoe but having 2 bucket bags seems like purse peace to you or perhaps you don’t love the color combo. Return :smile:
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  12. Get the bag that you feel you would get the most use out of. I personally love neonoe and bucket style bags. Neonoe/bucket bags dominate my collection, luxury and non-luxury. It seems to me the speedy b has more of a purpose to you, so get the speedy b.

    I honestly have never felt "love at first sight" with material goods. I love and appreciate designs, but I don't actually feel I have to have something. A lot of times, my favorite items were actually underwhelming when I had them in my hand in the boutique/store. I know I like the neonoe design and I don't own anything in DE, let alone like anything in DE. When I saw safran, I thought it was beautiful but I wouldn't say I love it either. I still want safran though because at the end of the day, I love the bucket style because it works the best for me.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, I think "love at first sight" is overrated. You can love the idea or look of something, but find out later that it's impractical for your lifestyle or preferences. The bag you were iffy on could end up being something you love later on because it ends up matching your preferences well.

    In this instance, it seems like the speedy b offers you more versatility that you don't have with your speedy right now. If you know you already like speedy and have been wishing you could use it crossbody, that speedy b is a great idea. If you like the idea but aren't sure about it, take the strap from either neonoe and attach it to your speedy 35. See if you like the look of speedy + strap on yourself and if it really brings something to the table for you.
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  13. Thanks for your reply it really makes sense I know they are only material things
    I’m going to return the DE Neo Noe as I have my monogram one and my petite noe and I really love them both
    I’m travelling through Heathrow this Friday to Dubai for holidays so I’ll maybe see if I can try it in store x
  14. Return it for sure - i would def get a speedy b! It’s different then the speedy for sure! Would you consider it in DE?
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  15. It’s going back tomorrow x
    I have ordered the speedy b in monogram
    I love the way it looks once it’s patinaed
    I have a de Siena so that keeps me going with a DE fix x
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