Help Me Decide on the Petit Noe

  1. Hi everyone!! I think in the near future I would like to have a Petit Noe. But I can't decide to get the Mono or Epi Mandarin one. What are your opinions? Thanks a bunch!! :flowers:
  2. The mandarin epi is going to be discontinued soon, so it may be harder to snap one up in the future.

    Personally, I prefer the monogram one just because I don't think the mandarin colour would go with a lot in my wardrobe. But perhaps you've got a more interesting wardrobe than mine - so it's really up to what you think will dress the best with everythinig !
  3. Yeah I heard about the madarin color being disconitued soon. I basically wear jeans and t-shirts. Is the mandarin a summer color only?
  4. discontinued lol
  5. I say the epi manderin.
  6. Nah, I think it's silly to kind of pigeon hole a colour to a season anyways - I mean, wearing bright colours in winter ought not to be a faux pas, bright cheerful colours shouldn't be hidden in closets ! :amuse:
  7. I am casual most of the time and find that mono goes well with what I wear. I do love the look of epi though!:love:
  8. the Noe bags are not my type, because i don't like the drawstring style, but if you have to get one, then get it in Epi Mandarin :yes:

    like everyone else pointed out, the Epi Mandarin will be discontinued, so that will make it a much less common bag than the Monogram. and it's such a hot color. if you wear jeans and solid-colored tops, the Mandarin would look really nice. and it doesn't have to be just a summer color. i personally believe that if a bag looks good on you or with what you wear, :censor: the seasons :roflmfao:!
  9. Hi Irene!! I was looking at the Epi Mandarin Petit Noe on ebay remember? I figured if I was to get it, I would rather shell out the extra bucks for a new one.
  10. Great advice Sandra!! Thanks all!!
  11. both!!!
    the epi one is adorable!!!!
  12. Petit Noe in Mandarin Epi is GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  13. i love the MC petit noe

    its the perfect size, and it looks stunning IRL.
  14. Epi
  15. I know isn't it beautiful? Hmmmm something to think about now. :lol: