Help me decide on my first mulberry.. Alexa vs Bayswater.

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  1. Hi there all,

    I am graduating soon, and I wish to buy myself a mulberry bag as a gift.. : )
    I am so torn between these two bag; Alexa OS in Oak, or Bayswater in Oak, or the black patent! I want it to be perfect with the amount I'll be spending for it..

    Which one is an all rounder bag, suitable for casual, work and dressy outfits..?

    It would be a plus if I can bring my Macbook 13' with it..

    Last one is, I have heard about Mulberry collaborated with Apple to design Mulberry Bayswater. Can it actually serves as a handbag and durable for gadgets at the same time? :smile:

    Help me out u guys, thanks a lot, & hi to all~
  2. If I was you I'd go for the bayswater designed for the macbook. Classic, will last for years, and ideal to carry your work laptop etc but can still be used as a handbag. If you look on I think they have them on there.
    Think Alexa might slouch/sag badly if carrying a laptop but I'm sure others who own the bag would be able to give you more info.
  3. Hi Starprism

    You really need to go and see all the bags in real life- I have many bays and love them all but the classic oak will be around for ever. Alexa will probaly become an icon and stay around but we dont know for certain at the minute.I tried an alexa in the smaller size but didnt fall in love with it the way I have done with every bays - though these seem to vary drastically in quality so if you are buying on line it would be hit and miss and this is a bag you need to see in real life and choose the one that you are happiest with re grain of leather, wrinkling etc- it is a different bag to the bays- more slouchy and not as structured which is why I didnt get on with it- I wanted a bays like bag with a strap but it isnt the same type of bag at all. There are loads of ladies on here with lovely alexas - as you can see from the threads it is the bag of the moment and Im sure some one with one will be along soon to presuade you. Good luck with whichever you go for and congratulations on the graduation- buying a mulberry is a great gift to yourself!!
  4. Hi and welcome!

    I'd definitely go for a Bays, but then I'm totally biased! Seriously though, it is the most classic style Mulberry has ever made and will still look like a classic in 10 years. You can definitely fit a 13" Macbook inside a Bays, but be warned that if you go for oak NVT leather, it will be very heavy! That said, oak NVT ages beautifully and achieves a beautiful patina. The black patent is much lighter in weight but does scratch easily and fingerprints show up on it.

    I tried an Alexa and wasn't thrilled with it. I'm a structured bag girl and the Alexa was just too slouchy for me. I did like the option of it being handheld or crossbody though.

    Good luck with your decision and do let us know what you choose! Oh, you can check out the Mulberry for Apple bags on Apple's website.
  5. Got to be a bayswater.
  6. Another vote for Bays for all the reasons mentioned above, it's an absolute classic and will definitely fit your laptop and something you can keep for many years to come :biggrin:

    Be sure to let us know what you pick! Good luck!
  7. i would say black patent bays for macbook. would be ideal for dressy and smart occasions and wud look nice with jeans and white t-shirt etc...patent bays are fab in rainy weather and very durable, can wipe off any smudges or rain and no probs. if your quite rough with your bags then u have to worry bout scratches but i've had my patent for a couple of years now and theres no obvious scratches i use them wen i go out and for work metting etc. alexa is way too soft ans slouchy and not enuf protection for a macbook imo. xx
  8. Bayswater gets my vote !
  9. I am a fan of the Alexa style - I love it even more than the bayswater BUT if you are after a bag that will carry your mac and lots of other stuff, i would advise you to go for the bays.....the Alexa is gorgeous but is not as strongly made as the bayswater.

    Just a thought about the specially made bags for macs....they have a divider inside and a part that protects your computer....this is great if you alwasy carry a computer....if like me you sometimes do and sometimes dont then i would advise getting an insert for your mac book and getting the regualr bays...apart from being cheaper, it gives more flexibility with the inside layout as it does not have the added divider.....

    I bought an oak OS Alexa in January and was bitterly disapointed wtih the leather. That said thre are some much better leathers around than the one i had. I then bought an oak bays (pre loved) and am over the moon with how resilient and sturdy she is.

    Good luck with your choice....and congrats on graduation.
  10. I have a regular alexa and I love it, but I would totally agree with those here who say that a bays would most likely better suit what you want to use a bag for. I quite like the idea of the patent bays, it could be a workhorse for use for with laptop but would also be glam for the evenings and weekends xx
  11. I'm no Mulberry expert but I am in love with the Bays. They are so classic, beautiful and timeless...they will last forever and will never go out of fashion. Good luck in your choice.
  12. Bit of a landslide for the bays so far- but Im sure the alexa ladies will be along soon. For me the alexa is more for the younger ladies than an old fogie like me so at your tender age you may be more drawn to it. Do try both out in store if you can and test them with some of your own things in them so you can see how they feel to carry etc-good luck let us know what you decide
  13. Hi , so exchiting!
    You really should see the bags in real life, I was alway a sucker for the bayswater but when I saw it in real life, it made me feel really old and decided to go with the more modern and younger sjimmy.
    Although it would be a bag for life and yes apple has done a collabaration with mulberry.

    Personally I love the alexa and if I had the budget no doubt in my mind I would run to mulberry and bought the alexa.

    Good luck with deciding!
  14. I'd say Bayswater :love:
    Good Luck!!

  15. When I went to the boutique, the SA convince me to take the alexa, as it is the new style for library, and the bag may not be available in the future (depending on the sales), but bayswater is forever a classic.. So I can always buy the bays in the future..

    I do love the alexa look, I'm juz not so into its leather. I'm much loving the bays Darwin, nvt..

    I will let u know my decision! whatever it it, it will be a mulberry for my gift~!
    thanks so much!