help me decide on a new bag - pretty please?

  1. i'm looking for something to take shopping with me on weekends, since i've got the huge work bags, but nothing medium-sized.

    let me preface this by saying...i like black bags. i usually wear all black. so i'm into black bags with silver hardware. i'm an nyc minimalist at heart, what can i say? :p

    Monsac Handbags Sussex Horizontal Satchel (Onyx) - Monsac Handbags

    Francesco Biasia Handbags Glamour Girl - Single Strap Quarter Flap (Kenia) - Francesco Biasia Handbags

    Francesco Biasia Handbags City Spirits - Satchel (Black) - Francesco Biasia Handbags

    does anyone carry a woven leather handled bag, like the handle on the second one? i wonder if it would chafe or dig.

    Zappos is having a great sale until friday, by the way.
  2. [​IMG]



    here they are!
  3. #2 is awesome. I saw that bag IRL and it's very functional..doesn't seem to get in your way either.
  4. Another vote for #2 :yes:
  5. I REALLY like that second one.
  6. i also prefer the 2nd one from the 3 choices
  7. #3 here.
  8. I love them all, but I'd probably go with something shaped more like 1 or 3.
  9. #1 is very nice but, #2 is SUPER sweet! I'd get that one!
  11. I like #2 the best!
  12. I like the 1st one.
  13. number 2 definately!!
  14. #2! reminds of the botkier trigger and I have three of those!:p
  15. I like #2 the best.