Help me convince DH that LV is "sturdy" and worth the price!!


Dec 27, 2005
Some of my LV's are over 25 years old. Hubby has always been nice in buying me one for my birthday when I tell him this is what I want. At first he thought the price was crazy--this was over 20 years ago. Now the only bags he feels I should buy are LV. He tells me not to waste money on other bags because my LV bags last forever. If I get tired or sick of them I have sold them to my sister...and bought new bags in a style I like. I got the Neverfull MM and the mini trunks pochette and I think they will be my favorite LV bags of all time. I thing hubby has to realize they will last forever and make you happy. I know people who think spending 800.00 on a bag is crazy but they will spend $250.00 on a bag every other month and then their bag ususally breaks in a year or looks really beat up so it is like they threw their money away and has nothing to show for it. I bought hubby a LV wallet years and years ago and it is the only thing he will wear now. He also received a desk calendar address book as a gift about 20 years ago and it still looks new.


Aug 8, 2006
I paid about $450 for my Noe in 1994. I used it daily for several years, I still use it.

The leather is in amazing shape, it still hasn't turned dark, just a nice honey color (maybe because you don't really touch the leather like you do with handles).

so what does that work out to? $40 a year? That's a bargain!