Help me choose my 30th Birthday Present

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  1. Hi,

    I only have to choose one , so can you please help me pick my 30th birthday present

    - Chanel Flap Medium ( This will be my first Chanel bag, but now a days everyone has it ... What other bag would be good to invest in ? Especially from this brand )

    - Cartier Panthere Watch

    - Cartier Diamond Legers Necklace

    - Cartier Trinity ring small

    - Tiffany & Co., Diamond Soleste Earrings

    Which one is a very good investment among all the above mentioned , also that will remain memorable for my 30th birthday present ??

    please advice.

    thanks :smile:
  2. Jewelry >>>>>> Bag

    Having said that, I think a Cartier piece would be a great commemoration.
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  3. I vote for the watch.
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  4. Cartier watch, hands down. I had my ears pierced for my 30th bday, haha.
  5. Watch for sure
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  6. Watch. And specifically that watch! I have the Panthere with diamonds, and as much as I love bags, that watch takes the cake!
  7. The Cartier watch. I bought myself a Cartier Tank Francaise for my birthday years ago and have worn it and loved it virtually every day since. Also a decent investment due to price increases. I paid $1750 for my Tank and now it retails for $3250--and this is just the simple stainless steel model. Good luck with your decision and happy birthday!
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  8. T
    Thank you :smile:
  9. Now I am confused which Cartier to buy .. Should it be Francaise or Panthere ?? :smile:
  10. Niceee !! One day a watch with diamonds shall be on my wrist ! Small goals :smile:
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  11. Thanks now I have decided to get a watch :smile:
  12. Looks like you have decided on the watch...great choice. I have a Cartier Ballon Bleu that I love but also quite a few Chanel flaps. I enjoy them both but in terms of cost per wear, if you will wear it daily, the watch is definitely the smarter/better buy. A fun and blessed decision to be able to consider for your 30th birthday. Please be sure to enjoy the process and good luck deciding!
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  13. Definitely watch/jewelry over any bag
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  14. Let us know which watch you choose! :smile:
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  15. Watch - hands down. I have a 28mm ballon Bleu and I wear it every single day and even sleep in it. It’s long paid for itself a few times over by now!