HELP! Looking for 2.55 reissue 225 size!

  1. Hi Ladies!

    I am looking for the 225 size either in dark silver, Black or Navy! I contacted my SA but they are all out! Have anyone seen any of them somewhere?? Thanks for your help!
  2. if you are from the UK, try London selfridges or any of the Chanel boutiques in London. I think they most definitely have silver and black. Not so sure on Navy. For the US, try the Chanel boutiques - New York Soho is a good start.
  3. Thank you so much for the info Mlffy227! I am in US, I was hoping Saks would have some so that I can get the no tax benefit and EG (starting March 12th). Thanks again tho!
  4. I saw in another thread that Saks ordered in size 227 only.
  5. Saks indeed ordered only 225 & 228. No 226 or 227 (what were the buyers thinking???). At least that's my SA told me
  6. You're right, Saks did only order 225 and 228. Someone needs to become a new buyer for that store!
  7. Thank you ladies for the info! Do you know which Saks tho?
  8. Try Sean or Lisa at Chanel Saks Tampa - 813-371-5100
  9. My SA has a dark silver that costs $2695..not sure if that's a 225?
    PM if u want it!
  10. That's the 226. :yes:
  11. Thank to my awesome TPFers' help I was able to order dark silver reissue 226 size!!! I just order it today so it will probably arrive some time next week. I orginally wanted 225 but I realized it was little small. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!
  12. I did jsut see the black metallic 225 today, I think ti was $2250. does that soudsn like the right price for the 225? it was Saks Phoenix, ask for MAddy 602-955-8000. they also had a gold 226 size.
  13. ^ 225 is $2425
  14. cutetoby, congrats! I LOOOVE the DS~ post pics when you get it!
  15. Thank you Lotusflwr! I love that flower by the way!! Yes, I will post pics when i get it. That's only if I could figure out how to post pics. hahahha