Help! I've injured hardware on my new Birkin

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  1. Dear friends, I am looking for some advice and also for some comfort. How am I going to survive this and what should I do?

    To make the long story short: I've felt on the escalator at Logan airport while trying to run up on escalator moving down (helping my daughter who also felt and injured herself). Anyway, when we found out that we were OK, whole and alive, with only some scratches, I revealed that when I felt, my bag experienced a huge impact and the turnlock got bend with severe scratches. I carried the bag on my arm and I actually landed on my Birkin, while turnlock was facing the metallic escalator metal stairs. We all know how the stairs at escalators look like... additionally it scratched a bit of leather in both corners of my bag.

    The bag is hardly 2 months old!!!!

    Basically, I have two options:
    -to send it for repair/hardware replacement (it might take ages and not cheap, I've read); OR

    - I should forget to think about this injury (my husband says it's not noticeable at all) and just enjoy my bag, use it a lot and maybe send to repair later (in 5-8 years). The problem is that I know that the turnlock is bend and it bothers me a lot... However, the acknowledgment of the reality and acceptance begin to grow on me..
    The incident happened a month ago.

    Please, help!
    Thank you all, for reading :smile:

    I live far away from the nearest Hermes store, so I can't bring the bag for the in store consultation.

    IMG_1494953545.189733.jpg IMG_1494953557.962502.jpg IMG_1494953570.597087.jpg IMG_1494953580.440368.jpg IMG_1494953590.445306.jpg
  2. Oh no!! I'm so sorry to hear about your bag, but so happy you are okay! If it were me, I think I would try to forget it... it is not as bent as I imagined it might have gotten in the accident and considering you're so far from the nearest store it may be both difficult and expensive to fix... but I do understand it bothering you, too. So sorry, hope it all works out!
  3. I am so sorry that happened to you. But i am glad you & your daughter are ok. How do you feel when you look at the bag now? Do you still love using the bag, or fell out of love & rarely use her anymore?

    Why I am asking this is to see how you feel about the bag. If I I dont use as much, or dont feel like using her anymore, I would send the bag for repair, because no point of keeping a bag left unused anyway. It will take a long time (& costly) but I think its worth it for a bag of such value.

    If you still using her & the bruises on her doesn't make you feel sad, perhaps its ok to use her as it is.
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  4. Thank you ladies for your kind words. The bend and scratched hardware and leather do make me sad. But I still love her, and try to use her often. My husband told me that at least now I cannot be afraid to use it because it's already scratched and I can really pull the trigger and not to be afraid of anything and use it everywhere :smile:
    But I do look at it often and almost cry. What a crazy addiction!
    I wonder if I am alone or its usual to get this addiction to Birkin. She is my one and the only Birkin, BTW.
  5. I am so sorry this happened to you and glad you and your daughter are alright!
    I have to say, you have a very supporting husband! I am not married, but if this happened to me, my boyfriend would say something like, 'well you shouldn't carry such an expensive bag anyways", lol :smile:

    I think your hubby is right, since you got past your first dent, you should use it and enjoy it. Unfortunately bags get dented and scratched and sometimes it's hard to control. I have people bump into my bags before, and I have scratched the corners of my bag against brick walls (ouch!).
  6. What a terrifying experience for you and your daughter. I think your B saved you from more scratches or worse. She's a hero!

    While I wouldn't obsess over the bent hardware, the scratches on the leather look like they tore the surface (not just everyday type of scuff or corner war). My concern is that those may continue to worsen with normal wear.

    I am NOT an expert on H wear/tear and have only taken a friend's K in for spa. That took 6 weeks and she really abused and neglected her K.

    I don't obsess over my bags but I would give this "lifesaver" a trip to the spa. I know you said you live far away from a store so maybe when you can work it in or will be traveling near there drop her off.
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  7. You have a good attitude! I say use her to the fullest extent and whenever you do end up traveling to a H store, get it dropped off then?
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    Hello dear, glad you and your daughter both are fine :hugs:your gorgeous B really saved you from further injury....

    No one can really tell you to forget about it, you should only ask yourself and only you will know if this condition is acceptable to you and if it continues bothering you (emotionally) and preventing you from loving/ using her. DHs usually saying nice things to make us feel better.

    It's a new bag and the "injury" is noticeable and probably remind you of the unpleasant incident every time you look at her. Why put yourself through this emotional roller coaster ride for the next 4-5 years when you know the restoration can be easily done?

    Most importantly (I am more concerned about the deep scratches), per my local H leather craftsman, the longer you waited to repair the tears or deep scratches the damaged part on the leather will get worse and as leather ages harder to match color.

    I would take care of it by taking it to the near by H Spa, or give them a call and see if you can send it in by FedEx. If the repairs can be done "locally" assuming you are in US, it won't take months. Good luck dear.
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  9. Exactly what I wanna say! Your wonderful B protected you one way or the other!
    I baby every single bag of mine so I totally understand how that feel to see the bent and scratch but this time these scars do tell a story and you should be proud of it!!

    I know it s not like Converse or the Levi's 501 but just make the best use of it!! Isn't it great to create memories and stories with your B and when you pass it on to your daughter, you have things to tell her?

    AND.... it s not going to be your only B! I am sure you d have another one very soon!

    And to make you feel better, I injure my brand new C before I could even use it!
    I was showing it to my hubby and I must have held it in a certain position with my index finger for a bit too long that the leather on the back got pressed down, making the surface noticeably uneven... I wanna punch myself but my hubby was like yours... he asked me to use it more often, use it a lot to a point when it s full of marks so I would be at ease whenever I look at it! A way to personalise your bag (he lovesssss vintage as he always thinks there r so many stories n history behind)

    Give it another 3 or 4 years or wait until you get your new B to take it to spa~
    You are not alone!!!! And there s no way you can keep it in perfect condition forever~ let it age and we shall all grow old gracefully! ^^
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  10. Were it just the turnlock, I'd say keep using it and let this be the first scratch that lets you use with more ease going forward, but the damage to the leather would concern me--it may be worth fixing now, rather than risking that the damage worsens/gets more difficult to repair over time. Perhaps you could post in Doc's thread and see what she thinks?
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  11. I'm so glad both you and your daughter are ok! What a terrible experience. The bent turn lock wouldn't bother me. I'd wait until it really needs to go to spa and have it repaired then since it'll be out for a while.
  12. I'm so sorry this happened to you and relieved to hear you and your daughter are okay.

    Escalators can cause some terrible damage, but the turn lock doesn't look too bad. I agree with others about the leather though. I'd take it to the spa to make sure the leather gets fixed and doesn't worsen. It may be quicker to fix than you think.

    Good luck dear and let us know what you end up doing.
  13. Change plus spa and do it now
    Prices up every year
    Why pay more
    Eventually you will still need to send in
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  14. Completely agree. Get it fixed up now as it seems that you are bothered by the "injuries".
  15. So sorry to hear about your fall, but glad that you and your daughter are okay!

    I agree with the others; the turn lock is in better condition than I anticipated it to be but if the leather is bothering you, then definitely send it in. Better to fix it now in case it becomes more difficult to fix later on!