Help! I've injured hardware on my new Birkin

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  1. My heart goes out to you and your daughter. Was the bag paid by a charge card I.e. Visa? There may be insurance protection on your purchase up to 90 days. Please check with your card company you may be able to file a claim for the repair. Good luck and please let us know if this is the case.
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  2. Running up a down escalator to help your child is unfortunately an experience that I've had, too. It was very terrifying because I was at a busy airport and had stepped on before realizing that DD had let go of my hand and NOT gotten on. I trashed my suitcase dragging it up the escalator to get to her (adrenaline got my out of shape body up to the top!), so I know what sort of damage your bag suffered. Actually, compared to my suitcase, the damage on your bag could've been a lot worse! But the important thing to remember is that you instinctively did what you had to do for your daughter, rather than trying to protect your bag, and both of you were ok in the end.

    The turnlock is definitely damaged and probably loose, so there's no reason not to send it in for repair, even if it's only two months old. It's not an emergency, so you can choose a convenient time to take it to the nearest store. It'll take some time, but the turnlock will be brand new, and the scrapes will look a lot better. Your husband isn't wrong either, but it sounds like you'd prefer not to be reminded of the incident for the next 5-8 years.
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  3. I feel for you and I'm sorry that that happened to you but glad to hear that you and your daughter both did not suffer any inquiries. It depends on whether you will eventually use the turnlock to close the bag while traveling. It may have an impact and think about the cost down the road if you have to sell it. On the other hand, replacing the turn lock won't be cheap since it is H. If you can part with the bag for a month of so, I would have it replaced knowing that it will be like new again.
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  4. Thank God you and your daughter are ok. But I do understand how you feel about the damage to your Hermes. If seeing the damage makes you sad to the point of getting a weird sick feeling in your stomach then I say get it repaired now. I think it will continue to bother you if you don't do anything about it.
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  5. So glad you and your daughter are fine. That's what matters. It's too bad the bag got hurt but, now that it is not perfect, you can use it with less fear.

    Regarding taking it to "spa" : I would do this because I live near enough to a store with a craftsperson. Unfortunately you are far away, but does your nearest H have an on-site craftsperson? If so I would make the trip. The damage can be fixed quite quickly on site.
    If the bag has to be sent out or worst sent to Paris, it is your call whether you are ok waiting to fix the marks or if they will make you nuts. The turnlock isn't bad but you have color loss on the leather. You can improve this yourself with conditioning but I would not recolor it myself.
    Call the store and ask what they will do with a damaged bag and how long......
    The other consideration is that the bag is quite new and the store that sold it to you may be a little more gentle on repair price in sympathy. It does happen!
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  6. Well I was going to say wear the bag with her injuries proudly because she saved you from potential further injury but I guess if the turn lock is loose and it's bothering you I would send it away. I feel sure that they will be able to make those scuffs much, much better looking and you'll have perfect new hardware. I know it stings and it's a bummer to send it away but it will be worth it so you can not feel sad when you look at the bag. Hopefully you'll get it back quickly.

    If it was me however, I'd probably wear it into the ground (and put it on the ground-gasp) until it really looked really awful but then I have a rep as a "bag abuser" to live up to :P

    You have to do whatever you're comfortable with and I hope you can get a speedy resolution if you take it to H!
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  7. I am so sorry this happened but glad both your daughter and yourself are okay.

    I would be saddened as well. I am more worried about the leather than the turn knob actually. Just worried it will worsen as time goes. For me personally I would send the bag to fix as soon as possible especially for the leather part. As for the hardware you could always do that later If you do not mind the wait or just do it altogether with the leather. Bear in mind hardware can only be replaced 2 times and that is it per craftsman in NY that I talked to.
  8. So very sorry this happened. I do like your husband's attitude.
    You love the bag. Have you thought it would be your only Birkin, or your first one? If you saw it as your first Birkin not your last, I say buy a second one now and send this one for repair. Sorry if this seems a foolish suggestion.
  9. sorry to hear about the bag injury but very happy no injuries on you and your daughter.
    also had an accident and i permanently dented my birkin, front panel too but i'm absolutely fine with it now. was pretty sad for 2-3 days though, could not even bear to bring it up to the husband. when i did eventually tell him, he was so relieved it was just about a dent because from my tone, he thought i was about to tell him i've a terminal illness.
    i am glad to say it is still one of my favourite bags, dented or not.
  10. First and foremost, you and daughter are fine without any injuries. That's a lot to be thankful for. Next, the bag really doesn't look that bag but what is of concern is how deep the scratches are on the leather. It might get worse like some other ladies have pointed out. I'm by no means an expert but I'm sure a trip to the spa will make your bag new again;). I'm sorry this happened to you.
  11. The most important thing is that you and your daughter are ok. I had the turnlock on my Kelly replaced as it was crooked due to carrying heavy weight (my MacBook ) and it only cost me hkd850 which is around usd110.
  12. What a hardy bag and thank God both of you were fine.
    I will send the bag in for a spa/repair. Even if it came back not looking perfect, at least I know I did what I could for the bag!
  13. maybe they won't even replace it but mend the bend and polish the scratches then the cost is low. as for leather they can touch up
  14. Like others suggested, I think that you should send it in before it gets worse on the leather that was peeled off. The repairs will likely be expensive so prepare for that but it is better to take care of it when it's possible.

    So glad that you and your daughter are both safe.
  15. My dear I am so sorry this happened. But you and your family walked away unscathed, so wonderful.
    For me, I would see this as a positive thing. The bag has character. It is used, loved, and never left your side no matter the situation.
    Birkins, in my opinion, are meant to be used and treated like close companions through thick or thin, scratches, bends, and the likes are all a beautiful part of it.
    xx - Joan Margot