Help ID Britneys bag is US Weekly

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  1. Can anyone Id this bag for me?

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  2. That a dark gray Rebecca Minkoff Matinee.
  3. i hate to say it but it is a rm matinee which i have the same bag i'm not happy about britney liking rm bags!
  4. She's ruining all sorts of Bag designers just by wearing them.

  5. hey if pamela lee anderson can rock BV then britney can rock RM

  6. I agree, all you need is enough credit on your card to rock a classy bag. I really don't think britney can turn an entire label trashy.......
  7. :tup: i'm with you on this one kam
  8. If she can afford it then there is no problem:okay:
  9. Poor bag! I have the same one. Not worried about Brit "trashing" the brand (hey, don't give her that much credit), but just feel scared for the poor Matinee, imagining it covered in Cheetos powder and sitting on the floor of a gas station bathroom. :shocked:
  10. Hahhaha. I totally agree with you :oh: Poor bag...
  11. My matinee is a different color and I had it first! :censor: I don't necessarily feel like a trashy celeb can tarnish a brand. But, I don't want someone to mistakenly think that I am trying to emulate a trashy celeb by carrying the same bag as her, KWIM?

  12. Love the color! :yes::love:
  13. rebecca minkoff matinee
  14. as many photos of Britney that are floating around carrying all sorts of bags, i hardly think that anyone would pay close attention to this particular bag, spot YOU carrying one, remember it from this issue, and think you're trying to copy her style.

    for one thing, i believe at this point in her life, most people have given up the idea that ANYONE in their RIGHT MIND would want to emulate or imitate Britney or her style.

    so i don't think you should worry about it.:P