Help! I can't find an Olive ZC

  1. i finally decided what color ZC i want and can't find it :crybaby:
    I called the MJ stores and they are sold out

    this is SO my luck, i finally know what color i want and can't find it!:push:

    if anyone sees it PLEASE let me know!

    if not i just might get light grey, but i really want olive!
  2. Noooooo - How could it be sold out?

    I love the olive; tried on the Large MP about 3 weeks ago at Bloomingdales in S.F.- Gorgeous, gorgeous color, but I couldn't justify the $$$$$$. I thought MAYBE I could indulge in the ZC when I go back to S.F. next week. If the Spring line is sold out by Feb 15 do the boutiques not get more??

    Oh I am so disappointed. The color is really worth it! - Don't give in to grey!
  3. i don't want to!!
    i'm not sure if they are going to get more...everyone that i have talked to so far has said that its an old color but i trying to find out now if they will be getting anymore I REALLY HOPE SO!! i'll keep u posted

    olive isn't a spring color tho according to bag.lover..she posted on another thread that is a resort im not sure if b/c its last years color they won't be getting anymore...
  4. ^ The Olive you are looking for is from Resort 06 (last season), stores are currently getting deliveries for Spring 07. Olive Zip Clutch isn't listed in Nordstrom's Resort 06 Look Book. I don't know whether other stores (NM, Saks, Bloomingdale's, Barney's) carry this item, you can ask their SA to do a stock check with the style number (C363401). For stores that do not list items by the MJ's style numbers, tell the SA that it's a style from Resort 2006's Soft Calf Small Leather Goods line.

    Resort is a transitional season from Fall/Winter into Spring/Summer, not a lot of each item is made; a popular item has a higher chance of selling out.

    Good luck. =)
  5. thanks so much bag.lover!! u've been so helpful!!
  6. I hope you find one! I'll definitely keep my eyes open for ya!
  7. thanks:heart:
  8. Thanks Bag Lover for the background info.
    I wasn't thinking resort because the color is so fabulous for year round.

    Now I'm wishing I had bought the Olive MP!!!
  9. ^ I saw that too! My only problem with it is that scratch on the front pocket. I like my bags to be perfect :shame:
  10. me too...i didn't even see the scratch...i guess i was blinded by the
  11. When I bought mine from MJ Mercer in NY online, they said they had a green shade there with silver toned clasps. I'm into gold only so they may still have it.
  12. How do you get the New York store on-line?
  13. I like perfect too, but if money is an issue I think I could live with that scratch for the substancial savings...I definitely don't see that color much.
  14. I wonder if some leather conditioner would "buff" that scratch out?