Help! Got a fake bag from ebay what to do

  1. please help me I bought a fake chanel bag from eBay and I have just confirmed through the authenticate it thread on the chanel forum that the bag is fake.

    I paid via paypal credit card. I have already opened a dispute via paypal and am waiting for the seller to reply sadly she only has one feedback

    What can I do next? Should I call my card company to dispute this purchase?

    Please please help me
  2. Well, firstly wait and see what the seller says first, then claim with paypal, and if that doesn't work, you can go to your CC company. You may need to purchase a letter from Chanel saying the bag is fake to get your refund though! :smile: Good luck!
    I should add that I've bought 2 fakes and returned and both times got a refund through paypal. I personally don't know anything about the CC claims.
  3. thanks venetiawanter.
    I have already ordered an non-authentication statement from my poupette since chanel doesnt do authentications. In the meantime, what do you think I should do? Did you get a full refund? My seller has only 1 feedback? Does that mean I will only be refunded $200 even if the bag I bought is over $1K?
  4. Paypal usually is pretty serious about seller selling fakes. They issue prompt refund within days. But I will be curious to see what your seller say first. Don't need to panic.
  5. thanks beejerry. I have bought many bags on eBay and paid by money transfer. Thanks goodness none of it was fake.
    I usually confirm in the authenticate it thread before i buy a bag but this bag was soooo good a replica (as mentioned by smoothoperator) in the chanel thread. I thought it was real and it wasn't cheap too!
  6. One thing is very important -- if you file a charge back from your CC company, they will acquire you providing proof of returning with signature of receiving. You need to return the bag to the seller with insurance and signature confirmation. You don't need to inform the seller you are doing so since she might will reject the package. If she sold you a fake in purpose, you need to be careful she would not cooperate for returning.

    CC company doesn't care if the bag you received is authentic or fake. They only care you returned the merchant and the seller received it.

    Good luck!
  7. One more thing to add -- do NOT send the bag back unless paypal tells you to do so. They might want it for evidence. Don't send it even if the seller asks you to do so.
  8. I am so sorry that you are going through this. I was sold a Fake Chanel bag last month. I open a dispute/claim with paypal then later had my cc company file a charge back. I started this whole process on April 3rd. My cc company has credited me back my money that I charged on the card which was $716.00 I paid the rest in cash from my paypal account which was about $54.00. I am just waiting for paypal to close the case and hopefully get my $54.00 back from them. I was told by paypal to hold onto the bag until I hear from them or the credit card company to send it back. I do have a problem that the seller address is not a real address so the credit card company just had me send her a email to ask for a shipping address. Of course seller has not responded to me. My best advice to you is file a dispute/claim and see if paypal will get your money back. If not call your cc card company to do a charge back. Good luck and I hope that you get all your money back!
  9. thanks guys. The seller has already replied she said that I should take it to a store but she says it is real. So I am just waiting for my poupette to send me my request for authentication. thanks again
  10. Document EVERYTHING! Get photographs. PRINT LISTING. DO NOT BE KIND in your communiques with Seller. She/He lied. Approach him/her from that angle. I do not believe in the motto of "being kind to Seller." Approach him/her with facts in hand. Tell her/him you detest the fact that she/he sold counterfeit goods. Take it to Law Enforcement in Shipping Area. You are not wrong, you have been wronged! Do your part to stop counterfeits!
  11. You have received excellent advice here.

    You might want to read the two excellent threads here eBay tips and ebay safety tips to help you in your future buying through ebay.

    Also, need to leave a neg feedback to warn others of this seller!!
  12. Why do sellers insist their bags are real, when it's an obvious fake (and they know it). Just stay firm, and do not let her intimidate you. You are right and she is wrong!!!!!!! I wish you the best of luck, and don't worry, everything will work out.

    P.S. I agree with gro3602, she really needs to be left negative feedback.
  13. thank you so much everybody. I will update you on what happened. I hope she refunds the money fast. thanks again
  14. As always, great advice here, especially about leaving negative feedback to warn others. You will resolve this, and there's lots of support here, so hang in there and let us know if you need any more advice.
  15. Hi I must be stupid but I dont understand what Charge backs are re credit cards

    I have an amex , and am a victim of a fake hermes
    along with a chanel

    Do you have to proove to the credit card company it is a fake

    How long would the credit card companies put up with all these claims re fakes of e bay??
    any help would be really appreciated