HELP: Giant Hardware tarnishing!

  1. Tips on protecting my GGH? Pls!!!
  2. I think gently and sparingly using Brasso (cleans tarnished brass) with a q-tip might work.

    See livinluxuriously's instructions:
    "To use: I use q-tips for this. Get some q-tips and dip one into the brasso canister. Blot the q-tip on a paper towel. Now gently rub the brass hard wear in a circular motion with the q-tip. Let dry, it only takes about 1 minutes. Then rub (hard) with a clean q-tip. Repeat this until the brass shines like new! ... You can buy brasso at your local grocery or drug store. Sometimes you can find it on eBay, or you could buy online at Vermont Country Daystore."
  3. Thanks for tip! Althopugh, I am not 100% sure that the Giant hardware is brass (like the hardware of the original Motorcycle bags).
  4. yeah i wondered about this a while ago too - i dunno if it's brass, so im really afraid to put brasso on it would somehow permanently damage it.

    is your hardware really tarnishing already? or you're just looking to prevent it from happening? just curious because then i know how protective i have to be of my ggh.......
  5. Hi, rainyjewels..Mine is slightly tarnishing. It's not YET visible from afar. But when I inspect it upclose, I see some silver appearing from my ggh!
  6. ^You see silver under your GGH? :wtf: Maybe Bal can exchange those?
    Now I'm glad I got SGH - as long as there's silver under there... :confused1:
  7. is it the bottom ones that are showing some silver? just wondering whether they're naturally tarnishing (like oxygen has oxidized them) or whether it's from rubbing against stuff when you place your bag down...if all the side studs are tarnishing, then it's most likely air oxidizing them...

    damn, if they're showing silver, does that mean the gold is just like painted on? that's kinda cheap of bal..
  8. Not all are tarnishing. Just about one or two of the ggh. It's not visible unless you put it up close. Is it only made out of metal? If so, then that explains it. I am hoping it is electroplated or something more of quality than metal! Where I am from, we do not have Balenciaga.
  9. I don't think it is painted on, though.
  10. It sounds like it's probably thinly plated (and not with a very high carat gold at that) and the plating is rubbing off. Gold tarnish is usually a darkish color rather than silver, and is more likely to happen with a low-carat gold. Maybe call BalNY and explain to them what's going on, and see what they advise in terms of cleaning. I'd worry about the Brasso as well, just because I'd be afraid that it might lift more of the gold. Alternatively, I'd go to the jeweler's, get some jewelry cleaner, and use that on a qtip to see if it works. Also, maybe try coating the non-tarnished ones thinly with clear nail polish, being very very careful, to stop them from tarnishing?
  11. a floor sample i saw in bal hk yesterday, flat clutch olive? with ggh was turning silver. i was like.. hmm it's turning silver. the sales girl said, we have new ones in the back. :-/

    it wasn't the bottom of the hw turning silver, it was the top, the most rubbed location. the price was great, and i really should have gotten it, but i don't think i would like the gold coming off. the other flat clutch was black with gsh, and i have a gsh already. well, not meant to be for me.
  12. I think it's thin gold plate on top of silver -- this is happening to my GGH too! I don't know what to do because I bought my bag resale.

    Any advice??
  13. Does it tarnish,fade or peel...Im a newbie here and I was just wondering...Thanks!
  14. This might be useful. I have not read that thread myself just did a search & picked it up for you.

    But do r'ber not to use any solutions/creams on metal you are unsure off. You might strip if off it's precious coat.
  15. I was always worried about the GH tarnishing and that's one of the reasons I stayed away from it. It looks like it is happening. I'm glad I don't love it anyway, another excuse to save money since they are ridiculously more $$ than rh. 400.00 more for a City with GH?? I can almost get a wallet for that.:hrmm: