Help! First Prada - Saffiano Leather Tote

  1. Hey there,

    Sorry that Sherra doesn't have the caramel you're looking for. I believe I saw one in NM Northbrook this afternoon in BN1786. I never shop there but so far Rhonda and Barbara have been great :smile:
  2. 1801 is definitely very small.
    1844 and 1786 not very noticably smaller than each other. just that one has 2 zippers the other doesnt have zippers but a snap button closure. Either one is good (if u like 1844 or 1786, but 1801 definitely can't put much). With zipper - more of decoration purpose. Yes, u can put things inside the zipper but with the space bet the zippers can;t put very much bulky stuff otherwise bag will appear bulging.
  3. Thanks akina ...I ended up getting the BN1844 in black last weekend. I also saw the red one and I've been thinking about it all week and almost put an order with Joanna. Still can't decide if I should get it or not. I keep thinking thats almost $6k worth of purses in 3 mos...yikes...sounds a bit too much.
  4. hey ladies!! thanks for the love. I kept getting all this emails from purseforum ladies, so i had to check it out?!?!

    i work for PRADA... so if u have any questions or needs... ask away!

    email is the best contact for me..

    i hope to hear from you soon. :smile:
  5. Hello! So apparently according to Joanna caramel is being put into production again. So basically I can get argilla and caramel at the same price. Now I am just realllllyyyyyy confused about the colour - I love both! I've seen some pictures on the forum but im still undecided.

    Anyone who has the caramel can tell me if it sometimes look orangey? And some pictures would really help if anyone would be so kind to share
  6. I have the 1844 in Argilla and liked it so much I got the caramel. The US stores should be able to take a request to Milan and see if they have enough material to make one. I waited about 5 weeks for the caramel bag once they got the approval and it arrived perfect. Good luck!
    The caramel is exactly the color of those caramel candies. The Hermes tan is close. It is not orangey in my opinion. They had two colors recently that were orangey-one was Papaya I think and Neiman Marcus had an orangey tan there briefly but it was not the caramel (the name briefly escapes me and they no longer carry it)
  7. Hi Pixie:

    I have the BN1844 Saffiano Luxe Tote in Caramel. That's actually it there in my avatar.

    My main wardrobe consists of a lot of black and white, so I was a bit reluctant to purchase a tan bag, but I must say that it works VERY well with my wardrobe. I saw it alongside the Argilla in NM and preferred the caramel.

    I purchased this the same day I purchased my LV Black Patent Alma and surprisingly I wear the caramel luxe tote more than the black LV.

    I've posted two photos: one in natural sun light, the other in inside that you can gauge the color for your taste. ;)

    Edited to add: No, I dont feel like the color is orangey
    prada1.jpg prada2.jpg
  8. I looovee saffiano lux tote in caramel! I just fell for it the first time I saw it...
  9. I like this bag and hope it to be mine too..
  10. I want an 1844, I think. The styles confuse me. Fingers crossed my husband gets the hint before Christmas...
  11. just an update - I haven't heard back from my special order and it has been like 12 weeks or more. And just when I've almost given up, I saw the caramel 1801 on eBay and won the action! I'm just waiting to hear back from the lovely authenticators. crossing my fingers! Also, anyone has modeling pictures to share?
  12. Hi, can someone please tell me if the 2010 saffiano 1844 style logo inside es made in Italy and in he 2012 style "Milano"? Thanks
  13. I am not sure about what you are asking.

    Are you wanting to know if the logos are the same or different and in what bag?

    I have an 2012 year 1844 bag with Prada Milano in it. As far as the 2010, that I can not answer.
  14. I am also not sure what you are asking but if it helps: I have 1786 (2012) and it also has Prada Milano in it as well as Made in Italy tag.
  15. I bought the 1844 on eBay and the seller states that he purchased it in 2010. The inside logo says "Prada" and underneath "Made in Italy". I saw it in a Saks store that the new 2012 says inside the logo "Prada" and underneath "Milano".
    So u don't know if the bag I bought is fake or in 2010 prada made their bags with the inside logo saying" prada made in italy". If anyone knows please let me know. Thank you