help! feel scammed out of $600 - no item and no refund

  1. The tracking won't update. She paid to have it tracked. The last update would be "delivered", or in your case, "refused". No one paid to add tracking again, so while the post office may be able to see where the package is, it's not going to be something that gets updated further because going back to her is a whole new delivery process.

    I know you're upset that you feel "unprotected", but NEVER refuse a package coming from eBay. You accept it, open your claim, and then send it back WITH tracking and you'll get your money back without a hassle (eBay sides with the buyer 99% of the time in these cases). By refusing it, eBay is protecting the seller from fraudulent bidders (obviously you aren't, but they don't know that). Maybe you just found them cheaper somewhere else and have buyers remorse, so you refuse and it goes back to the buyer who's now out shipping costs and eBay fees just because you changed your mind. See what I mean? This is why simply refusing a package does NOT protect the buyer, nor should it. In your case, since you're honest, it sucks, but it's set up this way to protect sellers (who don't get much protection at all from eBay and scammy bidders).

    Unless the tracking magically updates and shows that the seller received it back, there's not anything further that you can do with eBay or PayPal. If it does update, it's still going to be a fight because (essentially) eBay said no we don't find in your favor and you sent it back anyway, which is your loss (I know it happened in the reverse order, but they don't care about that). If you do decide to call them again, contact PAYPAL, not eBay. Paypal's reps are much more friendly, much more helpful and actually understand what you're saying to them. eBay reps seem to be in another country reading generic phrases off of a script.

    Your only other recourse is your bank or credit card if they were used for partial payment. And, of course, small claims court.
  2. She may send them right back to you. If she does I would just accept them and if they don't fit, resell them on eBay. I had this happen to me where someone bought my CLs and claimed they didn't fit so they filed a SNAD. It's was really irrirating.
  3. OP, I'm sorry for the stress this is causing but never refuse a package. I'm almost certain that you forfeit your buyer protection rights through eBay (and Paypal for that matter) if you do...which would explain why the ruled against you. You can't say you didn't receive it because if it hadn't been refused, you would have. You can't say SNAD because you never received the package. I know, I know- a chicken and the egg problem. :p

    Hindsight is 20/20 and I don't mean to play devil's advocate but I can understand why the seller would be a little (or even really) upset in this situation. I know I would be. You bought the shoes, did all your research after the sale and when they were on the way to you, you wanted to return them immediately without even seeing them or trying them on. Personally, I think you jumped the gun a little on this one. If you knew CL sizing was erratic, more research prior to the sale probably would have avoided this situation all together.

    However, one thing you might be able to do is go to the Post Office and see if they're internal tracking can pull any information up from the original tracking number. It also may take a while for the package to get back to the seller. If she refunds you, don't be surprised if she only gives you a partial refund because she'll likely have postage due upon receipt as a result of your refusal of the package.

    I hope it all turns out ok- please keep us posted.
  4. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I too am hopelessly confused about the US vs. European shoe sizes.

    And I'm so sorry the seller said such nasty things to you. 99% of my Ebay experiences have been great, but there's always that 1% or so where something goes haywire.

    I once had doubts about the authenticity of an expensive diamond ring, but unfortunately only AFTER I'd clicked the "accept counteroffer" button! When I emailed the seller and asked her to cancel the transaction, she made all sorts of nasty comments. She said, "You can't afford the ring....etc". She knew NOTHING of my finances, so it was all done just to try to insult me.

    I hope you find a way to resolve this. Good Luck.

  5. Not to mention her FVF
  6. I agree with this but I'm not sure the seller would unilaterally send them back. There would be extra shipping charges incurred that rightfully should be borne by the buyer.

    I agree. It would be reasonable for the seller to refund less any shipping charges both ways.

    OP, do let us know about the tracking. I have not seen it myself but have heard that tracking does go back to the originator. But this was for an item that was never picked up rather than a refusal.

    The seller should be able to recover her FVF's with a mutual.
  7. Yeah, I'm kinda amazed at this. You're suppose to know what you're bidding on, and if you don't, chalk it up as education and put them up for sale when you get them and find they don't fit. Having said that, you shouldn't lose your money either. If I were the seller, when I received the shoes back, I would refund you minus shipping there and back plus any other expenses/ebay/PP fees. OP, would you find that a fair resolution?
  8. ladies i have some good news! i got in touch with the postmaster at my post office and explained the situation .. she actually found the package for me (it was supposed to go out friday but there was a delay) and she is now holding it for me to come and pick it up (i wont be back until thursday) im so happy! at least this way i can resell these shoes and get my money back without needing to go to small claims!!
  9. Or, maybe they'll fit!
  10. Ok so I'm waaaay late to this but did they fit?! What happened??
  11. Ugh!! I read this whole thread and no ending??? Hoping for a update!!
  12. "The tracking won't update. She paid to have it tracked. The last update would be "delivered", or in your case, "refused". No one paid to add tracking again, so while the post office may be able to see where the package is, it's not going to be something that gets updated further because going back to her is a whole new delivery process."

    I have to disagree on this one. It happened to me twice. Once the buyer refused the package a week after it showed delivered. She changed her mind a week after receipt, brought the package to the PO and wrote "Refused". She then opened a dispute through paypal and escalated it right away to a claim, stating that item was not received. Tracking showed that the package was refused and Paypal refunded her right away, did not even wait 24 hours. The second time, the buyer asked me for a refund saying she made a mistake a day after I shipped the shoes. When I told her I shipped them already, she opened a case though paypal, refused the package and when I received it, escalated to a claim and got her money back.